Share Broker FAQs

What are the differences between per executed order and per trade brokerage ?

Both are the exact same. These terms are used to describe the brokerage fee for flat fee discount stock. These terms are also known as 'per executed orders'.


5paisa, a discount stock broker, charges flat Rs 10 for each executed order brokerage fees.

  1. There are three possible outcomes if you place a limit on the purchase of 100 shares of Wipro.
    • You get all 100 shares
    • Only 80 shares
    • You get 0 shares

    Flat Rs 10 brokerage is charged for cases 1 and 2. No matter how many trades were made, this transaction will be charged one flat Rs 10 brokerage at the end.

  2. You have placed an order for 100 Wipro shares and 100 Infosys stocks. You will be charged Rs 10 per trade (total Rs 20 brokerage) if both orders are executed successfully.

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