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Upstox, a low-cost tech, first broking company in India, offers trading opportunities at unbelievable prices. The company offers trading in different segments, such as equities and commodities, currency futures, currency, and futures. These options are also available through its Upstox Pro Web or Upstox Pro Mobile trading platforms. Upstox has the backing of Tiger Global and Ratan Tata. Upstox's trading platform allows for analysis, charting, trading, and many other rich features. It is easy to place orders via mobile phones or web browsers. Upstox's trading platform is built using Omnisys OMS (Order Management System) which is Upstox Pro Web Platform and Upstox Pro Mobile Platform, and Upstox uses Omnisys RMS (Risk Management System). Upstox Pro allows you to trade in Equity F&O and Equity Indra-day as well as commodities and currency derivatives. Upstox Pro, the paid service for traders by Upstox, is called Upstox Pro.

Upstox Products

Upstox Platform allows you to invest in Equity, Commodity Currency, Futures, Options, and Futures.
  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Currency
  • Futures
  • Options

Upstox Trading Softwares

A collection of software and applications that the broker offers to help you execute online buy/sell orders. These are the names of their portals, and mobile apps.
  • Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform
  • Upstox Pro Mobile

Upstox Brokerage Plans

Choose from one or more plans below. Use tabs if multiple plans available. A single plan includes all the basic charges and brokerages, margins, etc.

Upstox Other Investment Options

Additional Services Provided by Upstox.
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO Platforms
  • Bonds & Debt
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Insurance

Upstox Additional Features

Extra features provided by the broker at little or no extra cost. Like research reports, SMS alerts etc.
  • 3 in 1 Account
  • Free Recommendations
  • Free Research Reports
  • SMS Alerts
  • Margin Funding
  • Margin Against Share

Upstox Pros

  1. You can get morning newsletters about market talks and market recap for free.
  2. There are many technical indicators that traders can use.
  3. Ratan Tata funds Upstox, which adds trust and reliability to the RKSV group.
  4. Maintaining an account with Rs 0 Demat is free.
  5. Flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage in all segments, including intraday, delivery, and F&O at BSE or NSE.
  6. Mobile trading app for Android and iOS. There are no software charges.
  7. Both web and mobile versions of After Market Order (AMO), and Cover Order (Cover Order) are available.
  8. Trailing-Stop and Stop-Loss (SL) is available in both web and mobile, OCO and CO Order Types also available.
  9. Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform Multiple indicators are available to help you monitor the markets while on the move.
  10. AmiBroker: Upstox Bridge This guide will help you code and execute your trading strategy with the AmiBroker AFL Editor.
  11. Upstox Developer Console This guide will help you create (code) your trading app using languages like Python.
  12. Upstox Option chain Tool It allows traders to find Spot, Future rates, OHLC (Open High Low and Close) comparison of rates, and details such as circuit levels. Customers can also use it to calculate volatility, open interest, performance indicator, and check greeks.
  13. Upstox MF Platform There are 1000's of mutual funds to choose from. Customers have the option to choose between SIP or Lumpsum investment.
  14. Margin against Shares It is now available.
  15. Online IPO Application (UPI),is now available.

Upstox Cons

  1. Priority plan limits margin exposure.
  2. As both regular and direct plans are available, customers need to be cautious when choosing a mutual fund.
  3. The Demat Transaction Fees are relatively higher in the Basic Plan.
  4. For intraday square off orders that are not completed by the customer, an additional Rs20 is added to each executed order.
  5. The cost of equity delivery brokerage is Rs 20 per trade. Many other brokers offer brokerage-free investment in the stock market.
  6. In Equity Segment, Good Till Cancelled and Good Till Date/Time Orders (GTC) are not available. GTC/GTD orders can be placed in commodity trading.
  7. Margin Funding cannot be used on delivery trades.
  8. UpstoxDoes not offer unlimited monthly trading plans.
  9. Additional Rs 20 is charged for call and trade fees per executed order (Rs20 Brokerage + Rs20 Call & Trade Fee).
  10. For intraday square MIS/BO/CO order that are not squared off by the customer, an additional Rs 20 is added to each executed order.
  11. It doesn't offer stock tips or recommendations.
  12. Because the company does not offer banking services, 3-in-1 accounts cannot be opened.
  13. Customer service is not available 24/7.
  14. Since Jan 2018, Upstox NRI trading and demat accounts are no longer available
  15. Upstox does not give API for Bulk Clients, while it gives API for Individual Clients.

Our Conclusion

Upstox Stock Broking Review

Upstox, formerly RKSV Securities, is a top discount broker in India. It's ideal for traders looking for low brokerages and high margins as well as decent trading platforms.

Upstox (RKSV) If you are looking to save money on brokerage, this is the best option. Upstox charges fix brokerage at Rs. 20 per trade, regardless of the trading volume.

Uptstox (RKSV) Upstox is funded by Tiger Global, Ratan Tata and GVK Davix. Upstox is a trustable stockbroker and safe choice for your investment and does not have any hidden charges as compared to other Brokers.

Upstox is one of India's top discount brokers, This is especially important for traders. Upstox offers a platform that is swift for Intraday Traders.

You will only have to pay a flat Rs 20 per trade, regardless of how large your trade volume is.

Upstox recently crossed the 10 lakh mark in user base and has become the second-largest discount broker in India.

Why is Upstox Stock Broking one of Best Choice as a Stockbroker?

  • Brokerage credit is one example of a special offer
  • Flat Rs 20 per trade(Order) for intraday and Delivery
  • Has Advanced Trading Platforms with more than 100 indicators and tools for stock analysis.

By Trading in Upstox, one can save up to 90% on brokerage compared to Full Fledge Brokers.

Your brokerage can be a huge saving over other service providers.

Upstox provides affordable plans and minimal brokerage. Upstox is supported by Mr. Ratan Tata and has the second most active clients across India. It offers advanced software that allows trading and terminal experience. Priority Plan offers more leverage than the Basic Plan. If you trade, Upstox may be a better option for you.

The broker will provide you with the necessary tools if you're a trader.

  • An online trading platform that analyzes the market using charting tools, backtesting, and live scanning to make strategic decisions.

  • The Nest trading platform offers traders a terminal experience.

The broker can help you if you're an investor.

  • Offers subscriptions for premium educational content at no cost.

  • Global investors can invest through the Upstox Platforms

  • Direct plans can be invested in mutual funds.

  • Platforms are user-friendly and easy to understand.

  • The basic plan will suffice for an investor to transact in each segment.

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