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Discount Broker Depository: CDSL

Paytm Money Limited, usually called Paytm Money, was incorporated in 2017. it's a Bengaluru-based discount securities firm. Paytm Money a wholly-owned subsidiary of One97 Communication Ltd that additionally owns the Paytm trademark is Paytm Money. Paytm is AN RBI-approved Indian e-commerce payment technique. Paytm Money, a SEBI-registered agent, ANd an advisor. the corporate could be a member of animal disease and contains an installation participant membership CDSL. Paytm Money was originally an instantaneous fund investment platform. Paytm Money grew its product offerings to incorporate a retirement plan, equity commercialism, commerce investment, and ETF's within the late 2020s. Paytm Money recently launched F&O commercialism on its commercialism platform. Paytm Money has competitive commercialism charges and free equity delivery commercialism. Free fund Services from Paytm Money. There are not any fees to redeem or invest within the mutual funds. Paytm Money offers seamless commercialism to its customers via its own commercialism platform, Paytm Money. it's a secure and safe app that provides bank-level information security. Paytm Money claims it's a pioneer and leader in the cheap investment, with 60+ 100000 customers as of Dec 2020. Paytm Money is a web discount broker. It does not provide tips or recommendations for stock commercialism. Paytm Money could be a SEBI-registered advisor and offers informative services within the kind of investment packs, that comprises 3-5 mutual funds. Paytm Money offers info blogs and announcements concerning personal finance, capital market, and merchandise launches. These journal posts and announcements facilitate investors to build higher investment selections.

Paytm Money Products

The segments that you can invest in through Paytm Money are equity, futures, and options.
  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Currency
  • Futures
  • Options

Paytm Money Trading Softwares

A collection of software and applications that the broker offers to help you execute online buy/sell orders. These are the names of their portals and mobile apps.
  • Paytm Money Mobile Application
  • Paytm Money website platform

Paytm Money Brokerage Plans

Choose from one or more plans below. Use tabs if multiple plans available. A single plan includes all the basic charges and brokerages, margins, etc.

Paytm Money Other Investment Options

Services provided by the broker for investing in other financial assets such as Mutual funds, IPO platform, Bonds & Debt, Exchange Traded Funds, etc.
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO Platforms
  • Bonds & Debt
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Insurance

Paytm Money Additional Features

  • 3 in 1 Account
  • Free Recommendations
  • Free Research Reports
  • SMS Alerts
  • Margin Funding
  • Margin Against Share

Paytm Money Pros

This broker has many strengths and advantages.

Simple, robust trading platforms.
Simple pricing model, lowest trading costs, and free equity delivery trading
No Maintenance Fees
Instant digital account opening.
Direct MF platform that allows you to earn an additional 1%.
You can also invest online in NPS and digital gold, as well as stocks, derivatives, and MFs.
Calculator for Inhouse Brokerage
Online IPO Application.
Blogs published to increase investor awareness.
Mutual Fund Investment Advisory Services.
Available options for Cover and Bracket Orders


Paytm Money Cons

This broker has some shortcomings that need to be fixed.


No branch support.
Margin funding is not available.
Margin against shares is not available.
Commodity and currency trading is not possible.
GTC (Good Till Cancelled), CO, and BO are not available for advanced order types.
NRI Trading Accounts are not available.
There are no unlimited monthly trading plans.

Our Conclusion

Paytm Money, a registered investment advisor, offers advisory and investment execution services. Only 4 years have passed since the company's inception. The company offers a variety of mutual funds as well as other assets. They also have a detailed tracking system that will help you assess your investments. Everything from opening an account to investing and trading is done online. You will not be charged any hidden fees for any asset class. These features make it more attractive to investors.

The broker will provide for investors.
Equity deliveries are free
You will be able to track the stock better with statements and other information.
There are many assets available, including equity, futures & option, mutual funds, gold, and other options.
An investor is notified by the price alert function when the stock crosses a specific price.

The broker will provide for trader clients.
The website and app are both designed to meet the needs of experienced investors as well as amateurs. There are basic charts like a candle, mountain, and advanced like range bars or line breaks.
F&O dashboard offers various features such as Option Chain, Heatmap, and Greeks.
It also offers a variety of technical indicators that will help you analyze your stocks more effectively.
Paytm Money allows you to add up to 50 stocks to your watchlist

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