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Discount Broker Depository: CDSL

SAMCO Securities, a Mumbai-based online brokerage firm that offers to trade and invests in stocks, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, and commodities online. SAMCO was founded in 2015 and is well-known for its low brokerage rates, unique margin products, free trading software, and ultra-low brokerage. SAMCO is well-known for its StockBasket tool, which allows you to invest in a carefully selected basket of stocks based on 25+ stock rating parameters. Customers who switch from traditional brokers such as ICICI Direct and Sharekhan can save more than 60% on commission, taxes, and other fees. SAMCO is a registered stockbroker and research analyst. It has a depository participant membership CDSL. SAMCO's NBFC division provides margin financing, loan against shares, and other financial products. SAMCO offers a flat, standard and simple brokerage model. In the case of Equity Delivery trades, the charges are Rs 20 or 0.2% (whichever is lower). All other segments will be charged a lower of Rs 20 or 0.02% of the transaction amount or Rs 20 per order. SAMCO offers account openings at no cost. There are no maintenance fees for the first year. SAMCO offers 100% brokerage cashback in the first month. SAMCO provides reliable and advanced trading platforms that allow you to trade across a variety of products via the web, mobile, and desktop software. SAMCO has a Stock Market Library and educational blogs that provide information on the capital market basics, tax management, tax management, and other topics to help investors make better investment decisions.

Samco Products

The segments that you can invest in through Samco are equity, commodity, currency, futures, and options.
  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Currency
  • Futures
  • Options

Samco Trading Softwares

A collection of software and applications that the broker offers to help you execute online buy/sell orders. These are the names of their portals and mobile apps.
  • StockNote
  • StockNote Web
  • Nest Trader
  • StockBasket
  • KyaTrade
  • StockNote Trading APIs

Samco Brokerage Plans

Choose from one or more plans below. Use tabs if multiple plans available. A single plan includes all the basic charges and brokerages, margins, etc.

Samco Other Investment Options

Services provided by the broker for investing in other financial assets such as Mutual funds, IPO platform, Bonds & Debt, Exchange Traded Funds, etc.
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO Platforms
  • Bonds & Debt
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Insurance

Samco Additional Features

Extra features are provided by the broker at little or no extra cost. Like SMS Alerts, Free research reports, Three in 1 account, Margin Funding, Margin Against Share, etc.
  • 3 in 1 Account
  • Free Recommendations
  • Free Research Reports
  • SMS Alerts
  • Margin Funding
  • Margin Against Share

Samco Pros

This broker has many strengths and advantages.

Flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage for all segments at BSE and NSE as well as MCX
Traders have access to excellent margin products.
Opening a paperless, instant account is free
Demat AMC is free for the first year (Rs 400 each year thereafter).
For the first month, 100% brokerage cashback
Research and Recommendation
Trading software that is reliable, efficient, and completely free.
You can also purchase add-on products such as StockBasket, KyaTrade and RankMF.

Samco Cons

This broker has some shortcomings that need to be fixed.

Most online brokers charge Rs 20 per trade for Equity Delivery Trades. This service is free to customers.
Higher Demat AMC (Rs. 400 per annum).
No branch support.
We do not offer NRI Trading services.
There are no monthly unlimited trading plans.
Comparable to other brokers, pledge creation, closure, and invocation have high demat fees.
Call and trade are available for an additional Rs 20 per executed order.
One trading platform can only be accessed at one time
Additional subscription fees may be charged for add-on products such as StockBasket

Our Conclusion

Samco offers advanced trading platforms and analytic tools free of charge. There are several margin plans that can be purchased. The website offers educational content in the form of text and video tutorials. The traders also have the option to obtain a margin against shares.

The broker will provide for traders

Samco has a variety of margin plans available for traders.
Unique facility: BTPT (Buy Today, Pay in Two Days) allows clients to purchase stocks in delivery for a fraction of the price (margin), and then pay the balance in two days.
A risk analyzer (Risk Monitor), which tells how much risk the trader has taken, can help in reducing the imbalance, and it also helps with sectoral allocation, over-diversification, unrated stocks, etc.
Caution stock monitor list reduces the risk of Pump & Dump scams by false research callers and thus reduces market risk.

The broker will provide for investors.

Samco customers have exclusive access to the 'Stock Basket'. This pre-created stock basket includes research-backed recommendations from experts.
Samco gives the stock a rating from 'AAA to 'Penny' in order to help investors evaluate the quality of their stocks.
Another tool is the 'SAMCO risk Adviser', which helps reduce risk exposure by reflecting on weaknesses in an existing portfolio.

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