Good Till Cancelled FAQs

What time will the GTC order be sent to the exchange?

GTC orders will only be sent to the exchange if the order price is below the given price range. Price Range Order will be sent to exchange if price is below % 0-49 10% 50-199 5% 200-499 3% 500 and …

Is the GTC order processed if there is not enough margin in my account?

When sending GTC orders to the exchange, the trading system will verify that there is enough margin. An order with insufficient margin will be refused by the trading system.

What happens if my account has a margin shortfall? Can I top up my margin throughout the day?

Any top-ups made during the day will not be accepted if the margin is insufficient at the time GTC orders are activated.

Can I change my GTC order during market hours?

GTC orders that have not been sent to exchange can be modified. GTC orders that have been sent to exchange cannot be modified or cancelled while it is still active. You can cancel an existing order to modify the price …

What happens if the market opens with a gap

GTC orders where CMP falls below the GTC order price range will not trigger.

When does a GTC order go into effect in the market?

GTC orders will be executed in the market if LTP stock falls within the GTC order range.

Can GTC orders be cancelled?

Yes. You can log in to your account to access the GTC order page to cancel or modify your GTC orders.

How long would settlement take for GTC orders if they were traded?

GTC orders may be used to settle trades. Normal cash trades can be made on T+2.

Are there additional charges for GTC?

GTC orders are free of charge. GTC orders are subject to the same Brokerage rates as normal Cash transactions.

Is there a limit to the GTC orders on scrip in particular?

There is a limit to the value of all orders placed by clients on one scrip. Scrips for super multiple order values should not exceed 2 Crores, while for others it should be below 15 lakhs.

Are GTC available for all scrips?

GTC is not available to illiquid scrips.

Are there restrictions on the number of scrips that can be used to place GTC orders?

There are no restrictions on the number of scrips that can be used to place GTC orders.

Are there any restrictions on the number of GTC orders that can be placed?

There are no such restrictions. Multiple GTC orders can be placed.

Are GTC available by trade and call.

Yes, GTC orders can be placed by call and trade.

Are GTC orders possible at any hour of the day?

Yes, GTC orders can be placed at any time during and after market hours.

Is GTC is accessible on all exchanges?

GTC is available in the cash segment for NSE or BSE.

What happens if the GTC Order Close Date falls on a non-trading date?

GTC orders will not be accepted if the Close Date falls on a non-trading date.

How do I set the Close Date?

You can select a Close Date from the GTC order form.

What is the Order Close Date?

Close date is the date on which the GTC order expires

How much margin do I need for GTC order validity?

GTC orders are accepted by Kotak Securities at the time of order placing. To ensure the execution of a GTC order, one must have sufficient margin. The GTC order will be cancelled if there is insufficient margin available at the …