Autoinvest FAQs

Where can I find the SIP Stock List?

The 'SIP Stock List’ page can be viewed by following the link: AutoInvest> SIP Stock List

How do I view the details of executed SIP orders

Go to "My Account" in the post-login section to view SIP transactions. Click on "Periodic Transaction" from the dropdown and select 'SIP'. Then click on submit

Where can I see the status of my AutoInvest Instructions documents?

You can find a report under the AutoInvest tab called "Status Page". It will give you information about the status of each instruction as well as the number of orders that have been processed under it.

If I'm only registered in NSE, can I still place an SIP order in BSE?

You can only place orders in the exchange where you are registered. The order will be rejected if it is placed in BSE.

For placing AutoInvest Instructions, what exchanges are available?

AutoInvest Instructions can be used to place SIP orders in NSE and BSE.

Can I make an AutoInvest Instruction via Call & Trade?

After you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions for AutoInvest, you can only place an AutoInvest instruction through Call & Trade

Can I use AutoInvest Instructions to sell transactions?

No. Only the AutoInvest facility allows you to place SIP instructions for "buy" orders.

What happens to my Autoinvest order if it is due on Holiday?

The order will then be executed on next trading day.

I am an NRI customer. What happens if my SIP is blocked by RBI regulations?

The entire SIP will be cancelled if it contains only those Scrips that were later blocked. If only certain scrips are blocked in SIP, the entire SIP will be cancelled. To register for a new SIP, you will need to …

In the same scrip, can I place 'Quantity' and 'Amount' based SIP simultaneously?

Both Quantity-based and Amount-based SIP Instructions can be used simultaneously for different scrips. You will need to put two SIP Instructions per SIP type in each Scrip.

To place the Autoinvest orders, do I need to log in in every SIP date?

No. broker will place your AutoInvest orders for you once you have submitted your AutoInvest Instructions. To buy the shares, you do not need to login to your account.

Can someone sell shares who have bought them through Autoinvest?

Yes. Shares purchased in AutoInvest's demat account are equal to those bought in the cash segment. These shares can be sold or traded at any time, as per your requirements.

How to settle Autoinvest transaction?

AutoInvest transactions will be settled same as cash transactions.

is there any minimum or maximum criteria for SIP investment?

You can start SIP with Rs.500 and there is no maximum limit for SIP.

Through Autoinvest, in which stock I can invest?

No.We have restricted the SIP stock to only liquid stocks in accordance with our risk management system. All stocks that are permitted by AutoInvest can be viewed on the "Stock List", page.

In a single instruction, in how many scrips I can invest?

Maximum of Five stocks/instruction.

Can SIP be scheduled for later date?

Yes. When someone is registering for an SIP they must mention the instruction date . This will enable them to initiate their first order. The starting date of their first order should be at most 24 hours from the registration …

To modify/cancel SIP Instruction, what is the cutoff time?

You cannot cancel or modify your SIP Instructions between 10 AM and 12 PM. Orders cancelled or modified before 10 AM will be processed on the same day. Orders cancelled or modified after 12 PM will take existance the next …

The autoinvest order will be placed at what price and where can someone find its details?

All AutoInvest orders can be placed as market orders. Limit orders are not permitted. In the Periodic Transactions, you can see the details of all SIP orders that were executed successfully.

For autoinvest orders, will my account get directly debited?

No. Autoinvest orders will debit your account only if an auto-debit facility has not been chosen.