FAQs for Super Multiple Option

How can I choose UPI to pay for public issues?

An option to enter your UPI ID in order to pay the IPO application has been added. You can also contact any Intermediary to get more information.

When the UPI was made available as a payment option for public issues?

UPI is an available payment method for all public issues that Red Herring Prospectus has been filed after January 1, 2019.

When was UPI made available as a payment option for public issues?

UPI is an available payment method for all public issues that Red Herring Prospectus has been filed after January 1, 2019.

How to create a UPI ID in BHIM APP - First Time User (example)?

Step 1 - Download the BHIM App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it Step 2 - Choose your preferred language Step 3 - Choose a SIM that has a registered mobile number with your bank …

Which customers are eligible for UPI?

To place orders in IPO's, all customers (except Trinity clients) will need UPI ID.

What are the benefits of UPI?

Simplify and increase efficiency Eliminate manual intervention during various stages Members can operate with ease

What is a UPIID?

UPI ID, also known as Virtual Payment Address (or VPA), is a unique ID that allows you to use UPI. You can create your UPI ID by signing up with any of the UPI-enabled mobile apps (Apps) and using your …

If I subscribe to FIT/TFP, will brokerage be charged?

Super Multiple trades are exempt from brokerage charges as per FIT/TFP plans.

Can I change a square off order that Market has placed previously at a limit?

No. You cannot make changes to your limit order to square off to a Market order. You can cancel the limit square off order and place another square off order at the prevailing Market price.

How do I get rid of an open Super Multiple Option position?

Click on Today’s Positions in Reports to square off an open position. This screen will display all of your open positions. Click on the position that you wish to square off. Click on Exit to set the price for either …

What happens if I don't agree to my position by 3:20 PM?

If a position is open until 3:20 PM on any given day, it will automatically be squared by the system.

How is exposure calculated?

Exposure will be calculated as (Strike + Premium * Qty for both sell and buy positions.

Is there a limit to exposure under this type of order?

Under Super Multiple Option order type, you can create exposures up to 25 crore

Are there additional fees for Super Multiple Option?

Access is free to all who are granted it. It is not available to the unemployed.

What is the maximum allowed quantity?

Maximum order quantity must not exceed or equal best 5 buyers/sellers, or maximum exchange quantity for given scrip.

What happens if the market moves up or downward?

Market movement will result in new strikes being automatically introduced. These strikes will be based on the current month's futures last traded prices. Any contract falling outside of this range will be automatically removed from the Super Multiple Option contract …

What are the contracts available under Super Multiple Option?

The available contract is determined based on the ATM level. ATM for Nifty is calculated using the Nifty current month future multiplied by 50. ATM for Bank Nifty is calculated by rounding the current month's future to the nearest multiple …

Are all contracts eligible for it?

Only Nifty and Bank Nifty options contract contracts are eligible for Super Multiple Option Orders.

Are Super Multiple Option orders available on all exchanges?

Only NSE Options offers Super Multiple Option orders.

What is Super Multiple Option?

A Super Multiple Option Order is one that is placed with a mandatory stop loss trigger. This order type has a low risk and allows for intraday options trading. Our system will automatically close any open position that has not …