FAQs for Bracket Order

Are any addition charges there for Trailing Stoploss facility?


Can we place our sell orders with Bracket orders?


Are Bracket order available for both cash and futures segment?


Can Bracket order be done in all exchanges?


What can be the validity of Bracket orders?

One day only.

What happens if I start trailing at a price higher than the market?

In the case of Leg1 Buy orders, if you set "Start Trailing at When the Market Price Reaches" above the Leg 1, then the trigger price will be followed until it reaches that price. In the same way, Leg1 Sell …

What happens when the price reaches the book profit price?

Book profit orders will be traded, and stoploss orders will automatically be cancelled.

What can happens if price reaches the stoploss trigger price?

The Stoploss order will be activated once the price reaches $1000. Your position will then be equalized at the current market price. The book profit order will be automatically cancelled.

What happens if the market falls after a BUY or RESELL order?

The stoploss order trigger price won't change, it will stay the same. There will be no change in the stoploss order trigger prices, and Book Profit Order will not change.

What happens if the market price rises after you place a BUY or SELECT order?

After maintaining the spread between market price and stoploss trigger prices, the price of the trigger price for stoploss will rise. Book profit order will not change.

What does spread mean?

Spread is the difference between market price and stoploss order trigger prices.

How will it work?

You wish to purchase stock at Rs. 100, and to reduce your loss, you can place a stoploss order Rs.2 lower than LTP. You want to book profit at Rs. 104 You can do this by placing a buy order …

What is bracket order?

A bracket order is a combination between a stop loss order to reduce loss and a book profit or order to take profits. This order is placed in the same form as the main order. https://www.kotaksecurities.com/ksweb/faqs/Equity/Bracket-order