Super Multiple

If I have subscribed to FIT/TFP plan , will there be any brokerage?


In super multiple orders which details can be modified?

You can change the Stop Loss Trigger price but not the Leg1 market order you placed originally. The market order will be traded immediately after it is placed. Leg1 super multiple orders with limit will allow you to modify the …

If I have chosen super multiple how can I check the order status?

You can view the Order Status Screen to check scrip that has been purchased/sold with Super Multiple. This screen will display your order status details, such as the quantity you have ordered, the limit/market price at which the order has …

Can I squaring off be done to my super multiple position at prevailing market price?

Yes a fresh square be done at market price?

Can I modification be done to a square off order as Market which earlier placed at a limit price?

No. You cannot change your limit order to square off to a Market order. You can cancel your limit square off order and place a new square off order at the Market price.

In super multiple, how to square off an open position?

Click on Reports to see the details of your open positions. This screen will display all of your open positions. Click on the position that you wish to square off. Click on EXIT to set the Limit or Market price …

Can I carry my partly traded supermultiple position?

Partly traded supermultiple orders does not qualify to change into delivery option.

What to do if I want to carry my supermultiple positions?

To carry supermultiple positions, go to Report > Today’s Position and select supermultiple. Click on mark delivery. To convert supermultiple position into delivery, you will need to define quantity. Click on OK to confirm. Note that the system will determine …

Why my order didn't get accepted?

You might not be accepted for your order because of: There is not enough margin in your account. Super multiple is not possible with the Scrip you are trying to order. If the price of your stop-loss order is outside …

In which exchange Super multiple order can be placed?

Only in NSE, super multiple orders can be placed.

Super multiple order can be placed in which segment?

Super Multiple orders may be placed in NSE Cash as well as NSE Futures. You can only take position in current month contracts.

In the same scrip if I already have a Buy position in open Can I place a sell order on a scrip

If you have an open position in the same Scrip, it is impossible to place an opposing order. If you place a buy Super Multiple and a stop losss order in the same Scrip, you can't place a Sell Super …

How can someone know the utilized margin?

Click on to see how much Margin was used while using Super Multiple. Funds available Link in Equity Menu You can click the amount below to return to the main screen. Margin utilized Column to find out more about the …

For fully/partly traded Super Multiple Limit order, can I place square off order?

You can trade super multiple fully/partly-traded orders. To avoid self-trade, ensure that there is a gap of at least 1% between the book profit order and stoploss trigger price.

By placing a normal square off order can I square off my super multiple position?

No. You have to place a Super Multiple Order against the position that you want to exit to squared off A Super Multiple Position

I had placed a partly traded order, how can I modify that?

To modify details of a partially traded order you have placed previously, click Check Order Status in equity menu. Click the text box to the right of the Stop Loss Order name. Next, modify the details. (Please refer to the …

I had placed an order earlier, how can I modify that?

To modify the details of an order you have placed previously, click Check Order Status in equity menu. Click the text box to the right of the Stop Loss Order name. Next, modify the details. (Please refer to the next …

What can be happen if I place an order that is partially traded but don't have my positions squared by 3:20 PM on a specific trading day?

Super Multiple is an intraday trade product. It is important that you close all open positions by 3:20 PM on any given day. If your order is partially traded and you do not square off your positions, the system will …

On a particular trading day if I do'nt square off my position by 3:20,what will happen?

Super Multiple is an intraday trade, so you must square off your positions by 3:20 PM. If you fail to square off your positions, the system will automatically cancel all Super Multiple positions that remain open on the Scrip(s) after …

How does this market work?

Super Multiple is for traders who want to profit from intraday trading in large volumes and make the most out of market conditions. Super Multiple allows you to take a position in a specific scrip on a given day, and …