Demat Account related FAQs

Can a PAN Card issued to one year old child Or Is there any age limit ?

Yes, a Permanent Account Number ( PAN ) card can be issued to a one-year-old child. There is no age limit.

Is PAN card mandatory to open a Demat account?

Yes,to open a demat account, you need a PAN Card. This is according to the SEBI circular DoP/Cir-05/2007 dated April 27, 2007. To open a demat account, regardless of investment size or goals, one must submit the PAN Card. Schedule …

What will happen if AMC for a Demat account is not paid?

The following will occur if you don't pay the AMC on your demat account: The broker will bombard you with reminders via SMS, Email and phone calls. Your demat account becomes inactive (dormant) after a certain period. You can't make …

Can shares be transferred from CDSL to NSDL demat account?

Yes, shares can be transferred from CDSL Demat account to NSDL Demat. You must select the 'Interdepository' option to transfer shares from one depository account to another. Notice: Securities you transfer must be dematerialized on both depositories.

Does CDSL Easiest facility offered by any broker?

CDSL Easiest is not offered by any online stock broker. This is because the broker loses the POA over your Demat Account when you sign up for CDSL Easyst. The broker cannot debit Demat shares and you can't sell shares …

Differentiate between NSDL & CDSL?

NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited and deals with 'National Stock Exchange'. CDSL stands for Central Depository Securities Limited, which works with Bombay Stock Exchange. NSDL, India's oldest and largest electronic securities depository, was established in 1996. It is …

Does investing in SIP requires a Demat account?

SIP is an easy way to invest in Mutual Funds. To invest in mutual funds, you don't require a demat account. For trading instruments such as stocks, derivatives, IPO, etc. from NSE or BSE, a demat account must be established.

Why a Demat account is needed?

The Demat Account can be used to deposit shares and sell shares. Demat accounts have the advantage that investors do not need to own any fund certificates at the time of investment.

Can I add multiple people to my Demat account?

Yes, Demat accounts may be owned by one, two or three people simultaneously. Companies and partnerships can also have demat accounts. You can have multiple people on your demat account. This must be done at the time you open it. …

How do I receive dividends to the bank and not a cheque? Is it possible to apply online?

You can receive dividends directly from your bank account by linking your demat account with your bank account . You will need to contact your Demat service provider or DP in order to link the two accounts. Please contact your …

Can I trade if my signed Power of Attorney is still in courier?

Only sell or pledge shares require a demat power of attorney (POA). You can still purchase shares, which will be transferred into your demat account at T+2 day. You will need POA to sell shares.

Can someone trade in F&O without Power of Attorney in their Demat account?

Yes, as F&O trades do not need demat accounts and therefore no use of Power of Attorney (POA).

If I do not give Power of Attorney , will I be able to use broker Pool Demat account to keep my share?

Technically, yes. However, it is not permitted by most online brokers. Brokers are not allowed to keep shares in their pool accounts. As soon as they receive shares, brokers transfer them to your demat account. India's settlement cycle is T+2, …

Using the Power of Attorney, could a broker withdraw money from my linked bank account?

The Power of Attorney granted to brokers is only for certain transactions in demat accounts. It cannot be used to withdraw shares or pledge shares in order to obtain margin against share facility. POA does not have anything to do …

Can Power of Attorney be misused by a broker?

Technically Yes, a broker could misuse the Power of Attorney (POA), He can sell your demat holdings without you placing a sale order. Brokers are subject to strict regulation. This misconduct can lead to severe penalties, or even the loss …

Can Power of Attorney be signed online?

Yes, you can electronically sign a Power of Attorney (POA), if you open a demat account online using AADHAR integrated E-Sign process. There are some ambiguities in the rules. Each broker does it in different way. Some brokers required a …

Is it necessary to print Power of Attorney to the stamp paper?

For Power of Attorney (POA), stamp paper is not required. It is possible to print the document on plain paper and sign it before sending it to the broker. Many brokers allow eSigned PoAs with AADHAR card integration.

Is there any time bound Power of Attorney allowed by the broker?

Most brokers will ask for power-of- attorney for an unlimited period of time. This should be asked to your broker. The POA can be revoked by the customer at any time.

Are there any additional charges related to the Demat Power of Attorney?

There are no additional fees for Demat PoA. It is included in the demat account opening process.

Is there any validity of Power of Attorney for Demat account?

The broker's limited Power of Attorney (PoA), is valid until it's revoked, or your demat account is closed. Customer can cancel the POA at any time.