SME IPO related FAQs

Is investment in SME IPO through ASBA possible ?

Yes, the ASBA facility can be used online to apply for both mainline and SME SME IPOs. So we can invest through ASBA.

Can a retail investor apply on SME IPO ?

Yes. Just like Mainline IPOs there is a small amount reserved for retail investors in SME IPOs. Please note that SME IPOs require a minimum investment of Rs 10,00,000.

Can a person with same demat account apply for multiple IPOs ?

A demat account can be used to store stocks and other electronic instruments. The same demat account can be used to apply for all IPOs. A separate demat account is not required for SME IPO.

Can SME stock listed on BSE \ NSE ?

SME stocks can be listed on NSE Emerge and BSE SME. These platforms are managed by NSE and BSE, and are governed according to SEBI regulations.

Who can apply for SME IPO and how ?

Online and offline applications are both possible for an SMEIPO. A Demat and Bank Account are required to apply for a SMEIPO online or offline. How to Apply Offline - To apply for the IPO, you will need the ASBA …

For retail & HNI category what is the minimum lot size for applying in SME IPO?

The minimum lot size for an SME IPO is determined based on the share price. Below is a table that lists the applicable market lot sizes and price bands. Price Band Minimum Lot Size (No. Minimum Lot Size (No. As …

For SME IPOs , how to check the bidding details?

Here are the steps to verify bidding details for SME IPOs. SME Exchange Go to first Click on Public Issues -----> Watch for Public Issues Click on the IPO name to see the bidding. Click the button 'BSE Bid …

Can the companies which are suspended be allowed to be listed on SME exchange?

Unless the suspension is lifted and the company can trade on the BSE Main Board, suspended companies cannot be listed on BSE SME Exchange.

By listing onn BSE SME , What will be the capital gain tax benefits?

Listing on BSE SME can bring you enormous tax benefits. Unlisted shares can attract short-term capital gains tax of up to 30%, and long-term capital gains tax of 20%. Listed securities have a 15% STCG and a nil LTCG tax, …

Onn SME Platform, what is the annual Maintenance charge?

Annual Fees are Minimum Rs. 25,000, or 0.01% full Market Capitalization(Highest among them). The base of calculation for Market Capitalization is the average price on March 31st or last trading day in the financial year.

Is there any listing fee for SME platform?

Yes, there is a one-time fee for the listing of Rs. 50,000/-

To get listed on SME exchange , what are the requirements?

For the company to be listed on the SME stock exchange, its post-issued capital should not exceed Rs. 25 Crores. SME Exchange-listed companies are granted to migrate to Main Board after meeting the listing requirements.

Distinguish between mainline IPO & SME IPO.

Companies that have a minimum post-issue capital of Rs 10 crores may raise funds to be listed on the NSE and BSE exchanges via Mainboard IPO. SME IPO is open to companies with minimum post-issue capital in excess of Rs …

What does SME exchange mean?

SME Exchange is a stock exchange that trades shares of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who otherwise may have difficulty getting listed on the main exchanges.

Briefly explain the history of SME IPO or SME platform in India.

We witnessed the formation of Over The Counter Exchange of India in mid 1990's. It was also known as OTCEI back then. We also witnessed the premature death of this exchange, as it failed to get the necessary support at …

What is the meaning of SME IPO in India ? What are some criteria about it ?

Indian Economy is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They employ more than 40% of India's workforce and account for around 45% of India's manufacturing output (as per Dec 2014). India's SMEs are very productive due to their small …