Order Placement

What will be shown by the check order status?

Investors will be able to see the reference number for their order after they have placed the order. This screen will also allow them to view the order status link. The customer can see if his order has been traded …

To whom check order status is available?

This is available to online traders.

For whom market order is applicable?

This is available to online traders.

What will happen if shares are short sold?

If the shares become short-sold and they are not delivered for pay-in to an exchange, the shares can be put up for auction. The shares will then be purchased for the client on the auction market and delivered directly to …

What are the steps to place stop loss order?

You can place a Stop Loss Order while you place a new order or a square off. Basics of the Stop Loss Order: Buy : The trigger price should be higher than the market price. Order price must be higher …

What are the different types of orders that can be placed?

Normal Order: It will automatically adjust for shares you have already bought or those you have sold when you sell shares. Click here to learn more about how the system marks orders automatically. Super Multiple: Super Multiple is for traders …

How much margin do one need to pay Kotak Securities in order to trade?

Start trading with a minimum margin of Rs.20,000-Rs.500,000/- in the Gateway Account For Privilege account Rs. 1,000,000 This minimum margin may be expressed in cash or stocks.

How to open account?

One can easily open account online.

Who is eligible to open a trading account?

Account can be opened by any individual, Hindu undivided Family (HUF), partnership firm, proprietary firm or company.

Who can enjoy this facility?

This facility is enjoyed by online traders.