Smart Order Routing FAQs

What happens if I use SOR for intraday buy and sell?

Imagine that you place an order to purchase 100 stocks. 50 stocks are bought in NSE, 50 in NSE, and 50 in BSE. You can then sell the stocks using the SOR condition. 50 stocks must be sold that are …

Will I still be able to place an order for the exchange of my choice after activating SOR?

Yes, you can place an order for the exchange of your choosing

How is Preferred Exchange chosen?

Preferred exchange is selected based on your last year's average daily turnover in the CASH segment. For the next month, the preferred exchange will be one with a higher daily average turnover.

How can I get my SOR orders squared off?

Please check your order status before you place your orders through SOR. You must square off the exact same amount bought or sold on a specific exchange. Example: You have placed a SOR to buy 100 shares of Bank stock …

If the amount of the order is greater than the market depth or the initial total quantity, where will the pending orders go?

If the market depth at the time of execution is equal in both exchanges, then the remaining quantities will be sent to the preferred one. Illustration Market Depth BSE NSE Qty Rate Qty Rate 100 100 150 99 200 101 …

If an order is placed that exceeds the market depth (all exchanges combined), where will it be sent?

If the amount of an order is greater than the market depth (of all exchanges), the order will be split on the basis best price and depth. The remaining quantity will then be sent to the exchange with the higher …

What happens if the exchange rates are the same?

Order splitting would be done with an exchange that has more quantity if the prices for any scrip are equal. Illustration Market Depth BSE NSE Qty Rate Qty Rate 200 100 100 100 300 101 600 101 Order: Purchase 500 …

What happens if the exchange rates and quantity are equal?

If the prices and quantities of any scrip are the same, then the order would be sent at the preferred exchange. Otherwise, the remainder order will be sent to another exchange. Illustration Market Depth BSE NSE Qty Rate Qty Rate …

What is the SOR process?

You must select the SOR option when placing buy/sell orders. The system will then search for the best price on all exchanges, i.e. Currently, the system will find the best price from all available exchanges and process your transaction accordingly.sor

Can I use SOR to place a limit order?

SOR orders will always be Market orders

What happens if I have only one Exchange?

SOR cannot work if you only have access to one exchange or one Cash segment

Is it possible to use the SOR facility while placing After Market Orders, (AMO)?

SOR is not available for After Market Orders (AMO).

Are SOR allowed in all Order Types?

SOR can only be used for NORMAL orders and not for Super Multiple or Margin Finance orders.

Are SOR Routings allowed in all segments of the market?

SOR currently only allows for CASH SEGMENT.

Is there an additional charge for SOR?

No. SOR are absolutely free.

What are the benefits of SOR?

SOR gives you these benefits: Our system will find you the best price for your stock on all exchanges when you place an order with SOR. NSE and BSE are currently available. We evaluate the best bargain based on price …

What is SOR Routing (SOR Facility)?

SOR is a facility that ensures you get the best price on your buy/sell orders. Our system instantly compares stock prices across all available exchanges when you choose SOR.