Zerodha related FAQs

Does zerodha offer any kind of trading tips or investment tips ?

No. Zerodha is unable to provide trading tips on commodity and stock trading or any kind of investment tips for its customers.

What is the time for zerodha intraday auto off ?

Zerodha auto square-off all intraday timing - at Eq Cash: 3:15 PM | Eq F&O : 3:25 PM | Currency: 4:45 PM | Commodities: 25 min ( before close ) .

Does zerodha allow margin funding for share / commodity trading ?

Zerodha doesn't allow margin funding for share /commodity trading .

Does zerodha provides mutual funds to it's customer ?

Yes. Zerodha account holders can purchase and sell mutual funds if he or she has an account in zerodha .

Does zerodha provides IPO application services to its customers ?

Yes. Zerodha provides online IPO application services to its customers. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is an opportunity to purchase shares in companies that have not been publicly traded before the market opens.

What is the fee for transaction in zerodha ?

Transaction Charges, also known as Exchange Turnover Charges, are fees charged by stock exchanges for trading done through them. Clearing charges are typically included in most brokers' fees. These charges can be found on the contract note. Zerodha Transaction Charges …

What is fee for currency trading in zerodha ?

Zerodha charges Rs 20 per executed trade or.03%, whichever is less for currency futures trading. Rs 20 per executed trade or.03% for currency options trading.

What is the fee for commodity in zerodha ?

Zerodha brokerage fees for commodity futures are Rs 20 or.03%, whichever is less. Commodity options are Rs 20 or.03% per executed order. Commodities futures can be used to purchase or sell raw material (foods, energy, or metal) at a specified …

What is the fee for options trading in zerodha ?

Zerodha charges Rs 20 for each executed order in equity, currency or commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivatives. Options trading can be used to hedge or reduce portfolio risk.

What is the fee for futures trading ?

Zerodha charges Rs 20 per executed order, or.03% whichever comes first for commodity futures trading, equity currency and currency trading.

What is the fee for intra day trading in zerodha ?

Zerodha charges Rs 20 for each executed order, or.03%, whichever is less for intra-day trading. This is also known as Margin Intraday Square up ( MIS ) orders. All open intraday trades are automatically squared off at the end. These …

How much zerodha charge to execute equity delivery trades ?

Zerodha charges Rs 0 (Free) to execute equity delivery trades. These trades can also be called cash & carry trades, or CNC.

How much zerodha charge as Annual Maintenance Fee (AMC ) to maintain a trading account ?

Zerodha charges Rs 0. (Free) Annual Maintenance Fee (AMC) to maintain a trading account, and Rs 300 to maintain a Demat account. AMC is required to maintain the accounts.

How zerodha allow to sell and purchase of shares ?

Zerodha offers a powerful trading platform called Kite, which allows you to sell and buy shares in Zerodha. You will need to create a Zerodha trading and Demat account in order to access the Zerodha Kite website. You will need …

How a person can purchase stock in zerodha and what are the steps to it ?

Zerodha stock purchase is simple and straightforward. Stocks can be purchased in Zerodha via the Zerodha Kite mobile app or website. How to Buy Stocks on Zerodha Log in to the Zerodha Kite website or app. Use Net banking to …

Does zerodha provides the facility to transfer shares to another demat account ?

Zerodha provides delivery slips that can be used to transfer shares from Zerodha's demat account to another broker. You can request transfer of your existing holdings when you close your Zerodha demat account. You will need to complete the paper …

Is there CDSL Easiest facility available in Zerodha?

No. This is because when you sign up for CDSL Easyest, the broker loses your POA (Power of Attorney). The broker cannot debit Demat shares and you can't sell shares using your trading platform. For share transfers to other Demat …

Does Zerodha offers STBT?

Zerodha does not offer STBT i.e Sell today but tommorow in the equity cash segment. Customers can sell shares in the cash section (shares that are not in his demat) and then buy them the next morning. STBT can be …

Does Zerodha offers BTST?

Zerodha offers BTST i.e Buy today sell Tommorow service. This allows traders to trade shares purchased using the equity delivery order type before they are deposited into your demat accounts on T+2 days.

For Zerodha trading account, Is there any criteria of minimum balance?

No. There are no criteria such as minimum balance for the Zerodha trading account.