Upstox FAQs

Does Upstox offer trading tips or stock trading ?

No. No. Upstox does NOT offer trading tips to customers for commodity or stock trading or about investment strategies .

What is timing for intraday auto square off time ?

Upstox Auto will be resolving all intraday open positions at 3:00PM. So this is the timing for Upstox intra-day .

Does Upstox provide marging financing for share or commodity trading ?

No. No. Upstox is not able to provide margin financing for share or commodity trading .

Does Upstox allow Mutual Funds ?

No. Upstox does not offer Mutual Funds Investment. Mutual Funds can be purchased directly from Asset Management Companies, i.e. ICICI Prudential, HDFC, Aditya Birla Sun Life.

Does Upstox allow IPO ?

Yes. Yes. Upstox allows customers to apply online for IPOs. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is an opportunity to purchase shares in companies that have not been publicly traded before the market opens.

What is the cost for transaction on Upstox ?

The stock exchanges charge transaction charges (or exchange turnover charges) for trades that are done through their platform. Clearing charges are usually included in the brokerage contracts. These fees can be found in the contract note. Upstox Transactions Charges 2021 …

What is the cost for currency trading on Upstox ?

Upstox charges Rs 20, or 0.05% whichever comes first, for currency futures trading. For currency options trading, Rs 20 is charged per executed order.

What is the cost for commodity on Upstox ?

The Upstox brokerage charge for commodity futures is Rs 20, or 0.05%, whichever is less. Commodity options are Rs 20 per execution order. Commodities futures can be used to purchase or sell raw material (food/energy or metal) at a specified …

What are the cost for options in Upstox ?

Upstox charges Rs 20 for each executed order for currency, equity and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivatives products. Options trading can be used to hedge or reduce portfolio risk.

What are the cost of Futures in Upstox ?

Upstox charges Rs 20 for each executed order or 0.05 percent, whichever is less, for equity, currency, and commodity futures trading.

What is the cost for intra-day in Upstox ?

Upstox charges Rs 20 for each executed order or 0.05 percent whichever is less for intra-day trades. These orders are also known by Margin Intraday Squareup (MIS) orders. All open intraday orders will be automatically squared off at night. These …

What is the cost of delivery order in Upstox ?

Upstox charges Rs 20, or 2.5% depending on the low price for an equity delivery order. These trades may also be known as Cash & Carry Trades (or CNC).

What are the Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) in Upstox?

Upstox charges Rs 0. (Free) Annual Maintenance Fee (AMC) to maintain a trading account, and Rs 0. (Free) to maintain a Demat account. AMC is required to maintain accounts.

Can Upstox be profitable ?

Yes, Upstox can be profitable but it isn't known how much as it is privately owned. Funding from top investors such as Tiger Global, Ratan Tata and GVK Davi totaled over $29 Million.

Does BO and CO or Trailing SL facility in commodity available in Upstox ?

Yes. Upstox offers Cover Orders (CO), Bracket Orders(BO) as well as Trailing Stop Loss Orders. These are available in Equity and Commodity.

For third party demat linking , how long the shares will stay in your beneficiary account ?

The shares would be kept in a beneficiary account for 15 trading day. You can transfer the shares to the linked demat account, or keep them in beneficiary for a few more days. As per regulations, shares cannot be kept …

Does Upstox trading platform have modern strategies like Ichimoku Trend trading with ADX indicators ?

No, Upstox trading platform does not have advanced strategies .

Does Upstox have SL and Trailing SL features ?

Yes, these two -Trailing-Stop/Stop-Loss are present in upstox. These characteristics are present for both Commodity and Equity Trading.

Does any kind of Algo trading facilities are offered by Upstox ?

No, Upstox does not offer any kind of service that allows you to program Algo strategies or facilities .

Why exe based trading terminal does not offer by Upstox so that I can install it on computer ?

An old idea is the installation of a trading terminal. This was back when internet speeds were slow and computers weren't as powerful. Most computers today are very fast and have great internet speed. Brokers today are looking to build …