Payment in IPO FAQs

List down the process flow foe ASBA payment method.

  1. Self-certified Syndicate Banks accept individual retail investors to bid for IPO shares at Cut-Off prices through internet banking or at designated branches.
  2. The bank acknowledges the investor along with the IPO Application No.
  3. Bank will block the amount in the investor's account for the IPO and send the information to the appropriate stock exchanges for that IPO. If there is insufficient funds in the investor's account, the bank may reject the IPO application. In this case, they will not send the bidding information to the stock exchanges.
  4. The bank will keep the electronic dates (in case of an online IPO Application) and physical forms for a specified time.
  5. The final bidding information is received from stock exchanges by the IPO Registrar shortly after issue close. ASBA applications are considered along with other IPO applications.
  6. The bids are validated by the IPO Registrar and rejected applications that don't meet the requirements of the application are rejected.
  7. The Registrar must complete the "Basis of Allotment" and have it approved by stock exchanges.
  8. SCSB receives money request from Registrar to transfer funds to an escrow public-issue account.
  9. The money is transferred to the investors Demat Account by the Registrar.


Investors can use their bank account to apply for any public/rights issues under the ASBA facility. After filling in the ASBA form, which is available at designated branches of banks acting as SCSB, the investor sends it to their bank branch with instructions to block the amount. The bank will then upload the details of your application to the bidding platform. The ASBA form must be filled correctly by investors to avoid rejection.

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