Payment in IPO FAQs

How can I select the ASBA payment option when applying for an IPO Stocks through online portals or ICICI Direct?

Online payment options for ASBA 'Applications supported by Blocked Accounts' are now available to investors who use

20 Microns Limited is ICICI Direct's first IPO offering with ASBA payment. Issue is currently open. It has been subscribed 0.2113 times (0.1133 Retail) since its first day.

Follow these steps to choose ASBA payment option on

1. Login to Go to 'IPO" under 'Trading.
3. Click on the action 'Go" button in the IPO row for '20 MICRONS LIMITED'.
4. Check that the ASBA check box has been checked.
5. Send your bid.

That's all. It's that simple. There are no refund checks or direct deposits.

Note: Customers of ICICIDirect do not require additional documents in order to use the ASBA payment option.

Last updated Monday, September 8, 2008

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