Mutual funds related FAQs

What does CAS ( consolidated Account Statement ) means ?

A CAS lists all transactions and investors holdings at the end each month, including transaction fees paid to distributors across all mutual fund schemes. Each calendar month, an investor receives a CAS. This is sent to all investors whose transactions occurred during that month. Every half-yearly (September/March) a CAS is issued detailing holdings at the end each month across all mutual fund schemes to all investors.

Who can be eligible for investment in mutual funds ?

What does Net Asset Value (NAV ) refers to ?

What does Purchase Price means ?

What does Redemption Price means ?

What does Exit Load means ?

What does the Scheme Information Document and the Statement of Additional Information means ?

What is the importance of the Scheme information Document and Statement of Additional Information to investors ?

What does cut - off timing means ?

What does Current Value of investment means ?

When Net Asset Value is announced ?

After making investment ,how i will receive my account statement ?

What can a person do if he does not receive account statement ?

What are the steps for Redemption ?

What Systematic Investment Plan (SIP ) does works?

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