Mutual funds related FAQs

What documents need to be submitted with a purchase application ?

The purchase application must be submitted with the following documents, depending on the legal status of each applicant.

Each person must quote his/her PAN and attach the KYC acknowledgment letter from the KYC Registration Agency for any investments, regardless of the amount involved in the purchase of its units.

Instructions for non-resident investors

On Repatriation Basis:
If Indian rupee drafts are bought abroad or paid from debit to NRE/FCNR account, an account debit certificate from the bank issuing it will confirm the debit.

Based on a Non-Repatriation Basis
An account debit certificate from the bank issuing the draft must be attached to the application form in the event that Indian rupee drafts are purchased from abroad or from FCNR/NRE accounts.

Subscriptions must be submitted by debit to the FCNR/NRE account. The application form must be accompanied by a Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate issued from the banker.

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