Allotment in IPO FAQs

I apply for every IPO but only get allotment from a few. I don't get any allotment for good IPOs. What's the problem?

Retail investors are increasingly interested in IPOs. We see many people applying for IPOs at good companies, and the issue is often oversubscribed. Although it is a good idea to apply for IPOs, there is a risk of not being allotted due to oversubscription. Each IPO has a predetermined amount for various investors such as Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB), Non institutional investors (NII), Retail individual Investors (RII) or Employees. Retail investors receive 35% of all shares.

Let's say ABC IPO offers retail investors 2,00,000. It is required that a minimum lot size of 20 be applied for and that at least 2000 retail investors apply. If an IPO is too popular, allocations are made according to SEBI guidelines. The number of shares available to retail investors is divided according to the lot size, i.e. 2,00,000.20= 1000 lots. Only 1000 applicants will be allotted out of 2000. The lottery determines which applicants will be allotted. It doesn't matter if you applied on the first day or how many lots were applied.

There's nothing wrong with your application. It's just that you have luck with certain IPOs more than others. Keep applying for good IPOs, and keep hoping for the best.

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