Stock Market Basics FAQs

What is the reason behind the Ups and Downs in the share price?

In simple words the answer could be  "Demand & Supply". The share will rise if there's more demand for shares of company companies and less people willing to buy them. The share will fall if there is an inordinate amount of supply, but no one is willing to buy shares at the current price.

The big question now is: How does additional demand come into the market? There are many factors involved in this, including the company's financial results, overall economy performance, sector performance and government rules & regulation. These factors also affect the future of the company, future products & services, management changes, stock exchange frauds, and company management.

All of these factors and many others can affect the demand and supply of company stock and eventually cause it to move up and down.

It is difficult to predict stock movements and requires a lot of research and expertise.

Who is a Stock Broker?

What does Securities Transaction tax mean?

How can I get a duplicate share certificate if I have lost the XYZ company's share certificate?

What does EPS (Earning Per share) mean?

Define P/E ratio.

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Can we transfer funds from equity a/c to commodity a/c directly and vice -versa

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What do you mean by MID CAP ?

Differentiate between Futures and Options.

Define Bonus share & its record date.

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How can I obtain the ICICI Direct Stock Code of the stock that will be listed two days later? This will allow me to place an order before the market opens on the day of the listing.

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Differentiate between Private ltd and Public limited company.

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On Saturday & Sunday, are NSE & BSE open?

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