Refund in IPO FAQs

Where to file complaint to SEBI regarding refund and allotment for IPO?

SEBI has created an online complaint management system for investors in IPOs who are having difficulty receiving IPO refunds or IPO allotment.

To file a complaint with SEBI, click here
Note: Please make sure you contact the registrar at the IPO before filing a complaint with SEBI. The IPO registrar is responsible for processing IPO application. This includes refund and allotment processing. This is not the responsibility of the broker, issuer company or lead manager.

In how many days does the refund in IPO takes place?

Through ECS why am I not getting my refund?

I have an account with online trading that I use to apply for IPO's.Does my IPO refunds automatically sent to my bank account each time I apply?

What do I need to do if I didn't get the IPO refund?

In ASBA when the money is blocked? Before closing date or after closing date of IPO?

Is there a charge for refunding money if an IPO share is not allotted to me due to excessive subscription? Will it receive the full amount? What is the process for getting my refund?

How much time it will take to unblock my blocked money,if I buy an IPO and cancel it the same day?