PAN Card related FAQs

How can we make a change to the name or date of birth in a PAN card? Is there any cost for the same?

To update your PAN Card name or date of birth, you will need to fill out the Change/Correction online/offline.

You can download the Change/Correction Request form from the official website at NSDL and UTI Technology Services Limited. They are authorized to do it.

To support a request to correct or modify PAN data such as name, father's names, date of birth, the applicant will need to produce additional documentary evidence.

The document list will vary depending on the information you are changing. This information can be found in the change request form that you will fill out to make these changes.

Service tax and processing fee for change requests form are Rs 107.

Click the link to download the PAN Card Request for Change.

NSDL PAN Service

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