How one can apply in IPOs?

Online applications make it easier to apply for an initial public offer. You should be familiar with the basics of investing before you apply.

Funding is the first thing that matters. You will need to have funds ready, regardless of whether it is a fixed price or a IPO book building. For this purpose, investors can borrow money from a bank or NBFC or use their savings.

However, you cannot invest in stocks without a DEMAT account. One need to open a demat account in the next step. To get a DEMAT, choose a reliable broker with a track-record.

The DEMAT account can be used for IPOs as well as to receive other investment instruments such shares, corporate bonds, gold bonds, and corporate bonds.

Apply online is easy. It is possible to apply online via the broker's investor portal or by downloading the ASBA Form from your bank's internet banking platform.

ASBA stands to Application Supported by Blocked Account. This allows banks to block funds from the applicant's account and prevent you bidding for the IPO.

You will need to use UPI-enabled payment gateways to pay the broker if you are applying through them. Bidding is not possible with cheques or demand draft payments.


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