Autoinvest FAQs

How can someone register for SIP?

You will need to follow the 3 simple steps below to get started with AutoInvest.

  • Click on "AutoInvest" and go to Place Order
  • You will see the link "Register an IP" if you have already activated this service. Click on this section.
  • Complete the form completely and click on Submit.
  • Securities will receive your AutoInvest instruction and will execute the orders as per the schedule.
  • The 'Stock List’ page also lists the scrips that AutoInvest orders may be placed.
  • To register an SIP, click on "Start an SIP" on the stock you like.

Who can avail this facility?

What does autoinvest mean?

What do you mean by autoinvest instruction?

Differentiate between autoinvest instruction and autoinvest order.

What kind of autoinvest instruction be choosen?

Describe 'Amount' based SIP.

Describe 'Quantity based ' SIP?

Describe SIP name and its importance.

Define Frequency and Total period.

Is any additional charge there ?

Can SIP instruction be cancelled?

How does SIP Instructions are modified?

How much amount needed to maintain in account every month?

For autoinvest orders, will my account get directly debited?

The autoinvest order will be placed at what price and where can someone find its details?

To modify/cancel SIP Instruction, what is the cutoff time?

Can SIP be scheduled for later date?

In a single instruction, in how many scrips I can invest?

Through Autoinvest, in which stock I can invest?

is there any minimum or maximum criteria for SIP investment?