How to trade in Demat account?

More Indians are now interested in trading because of online trading accounts. In the past, to trade, one had to physically visit a counter in order to place orders. Trading has become electronic, and traders only need a trading account to get started.

Trading requires an account that holds securities. A demat account is vital for all traders. Here's how to get started trading with a Demat Account:

What is the purpose of a demat account and

Let's take a look at some of the most important aspects of demat account to see why they are so essential for trading.

  • Traders had to carry a lot of paper stock certificates before electronic trading was possible. The demat account was first introduced in India in 1996.
  • - Demat stands for dematerialisation account. A demat account allows a trader to keep his securities electronically or dematerialized.
  • Demat accounts are safer than paper certificates and make it easier to access your securities.
  • Demat accounts are very similar to bank accounts. Your securities are stored in your account demat, just like you would store your money electronically in a bank. Your securities can be debited and credited, or you can even have a zero balance.

Trade with a Demat Account

We now understand the importance of a Demat Account. Let us examine the steps needed to open and trade with one.

  • - You must first find a Depository Participant (DP) with whom you can open demat accounts. A demat account should be opened with a trusted company that offers premium services at a reduced price. Angel One offers detailed guidance and research as well as a technology-enabled, free demat account.
  • You should then link your trading account to your demat account. They can be located in different companies but it is better to keep them in the same company for seamless trading.
  • Place an order via your trading account to start trading. The broker will connect you with the appropriate exchange.
  • - The order will be processed by the exchange. They will verify various details, including your demat account, about the order and related transactions.
  • Once the order has been processed, the securities will be credited or debited to your demat account. It's easy to trade with a demat bank.


The Benefits of Trading With a Demat Account

A demat account allows you to trade in a very efficient and simple manner. Trading with a demat account has many other benefits.



    Trading is no longer a time-consuming process with demat accounts. Your securities can be accessed from any location, as they are electronically stored.


    Share Transfers made simple

    It is also much easier to transfer shares and securities through demat accounts. Demat accounts make it much faster to settle trades than it used to be.



    Additional charges were often added to physical stock certificates. Stampy duty, handling fees and other costs associated with transferring securities were some of these additional charges. Trading has become much more affordable thanks to the advent of demat accounts.


    Avail loans

    A demat account can be used to help you get a loan. This is one of the best things about securities. You can use your securities as collateral to secure a loan.


Demat accounts are a far better alternative to physical certificates, which were once the norm for trading. Demat accounts are essential for trading today. Trading becomes easier than ever when you link your demat account with your trading account.

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