How to find your Demat account number and check DP ID

The DP assigns each Demat account a unique 16-digit account numbers. This number is known as the Demat account numbers. After opening a Demat account online a welcome letter (CDSL/NSDL) will go to the user. It will include all account information, including your Demat number. In the case of CDSL, the Demat account number can also be known as the Beneficiary Owner ID (or BO ID).

The format of the Demat accounts varies depending on whether they are CDSL or NSDL. In the case of CDSL, the Demat account numbers have a 16-digit numeric characters, whereas for NSDL, they start with "IN" followed 14-digit numeric codes. A CDSL account number can be found at 01234567890987654, while a NSDL account number can be found at IN01234567890909878787878787.

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What is a Depository Participant and how do they work?

Depository Participants (DP), can also be called an Agent of Depository. Brokerage firms, banks, and financial institutions are the most common Depository Participants. They act as a link between investors and stock exchanges.The relationship between the Depository Participant (Depository Participant) and the Depository is governed by the Depositories Act 1996.

What is a DPID and how does it differ from a Demat account number?

The Demat account number and DPID (Depository Participant ID) are not the same. They also have nothing to do the Demat account holder. DP ID is a number that is assigned to the Depository Participant, such as a bank, broking firm or financial institution by the CDSL or NSDL.

A Demat account number is a combination DP ID + customer ID. Typically, the first 8 digits of your Demat number are your DP ID. The last 8 digits of your Demat number are the customer ID.

If a Demat account holder wants to know how to find their Demat number, they can do a simple task. If your Demat number is 01010102020202, 010101 is the Demat account holder’s DP ID, and 0202020202 the customer ID. Similar for NSDL: If a Demat number is IN12345698765432, then IN123456 will be the DP ID. 98765432 will be the customer ID.

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