Can one open Multiple Demat account?

A Demat account is a place where securities and shares are dematerialized. Dematerialization is the process of converting physical certificates of bonds or shares that an investor might have to a digital one. The Demat account determines the value.

To exchange stock options, one must have a Demat Account. After the account has been created, you can either buy or sell shares yourself or through a broker. The depository is an organisation that keeps the securities in different forms, such as shares or government securities. They are done online and held on to the communication from an investor via a Depository Participant.

There are many questions you might ask, such as "Can I have 2 demat accounts?" and "Do I really need one?" Continue reading to learn more.

Opening an Demat Account

First, contact a registered Depository Participant. This is usually a representative from the bank or broker. These can be found online at the National Securities Depository Ltd and Central Securities Depository Ltd. It can take up to two weeks to open a Demat account. It is also important to have a nominee. You can contact a bank directly to inquire about this, but not all banks offer the option to open a Demat account. This is because some branches only have certain branches.

A Demat Account comes with some fees that may vary from one bank to the next. These charges include an opening fee, maintenance fee, custodian fees, and a transaction fee. Some banks may waive or reduce these fees or even refund them.

Multiple Demat accounts

You may be asking, "Can I have multiple Demat accounts?"

Individuals can open multiple Demat accounts under their names with different Depository Participants. KYC information is required to open an account. This includes proof of identity, address, and PAN number, as required by SEBI.

Some things to remember when using multiple Demat Accounts

There are no limits on how many demat accounts a user can have. There are some key points to remember when considering multiple Demat accounts.

1. Although it is legal to have multiple demat accounts, they cannot be held with the same Broker or Depository Participant.

2. Each Demat account will have its own charges. These include opening fees and annual maintenance. This will apply even if no transactions are being made through the account.

3. Multiple Demat Accounts are useful for active traders and investors. Multiple Demat Accounts or Trading Account can help you to segregate your investment portfolio.

4. Unused Demat accounts may be frozen. To reactivate an account, KYC details must be updated.

5. You should keep an eye on the Demat accounts and the monetary balance.


Multiple accounts can be opened with different brokers. They do not have any control over the Demat Accounts. The shares are held by the depositories and each depository is registered with SEBI. Keep this in mind as you answer the question, "Can I open two demat accounts?". However, you don't have to open more than one Demat account to trade.

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