All you need to know regarding CDSL Demat Account

you are just starting to trade. You may initially trade in just a few stocks. As you gain experience, your trading may expand to include more securities. It is possible to keep track of all your holdings, without completely relying on stockbrokers.

This is understandable, considering that trading securities has become a quick and efficient process. Customers and traders such as you are becoming more interested in receiving faster and more accurate updates on the demat accounts that they have with depositories.

CDSL e is now available for CDSL demat account holders. This allows traders to keep track of their holdings and helps account holders who have CDSL demat accounts. Here are six things you need to know about CDSL Demat Accounts.

CDSL demat accounts have a unique number format

India has two major depositories: the National Securities Depository Limited, (NSDL), and the Central Depository Services Limited, (CDSL). If you ask a participant depository to open a Demat account for you, they will usually open it with either the CDSL, or the NSDL depending on the depository they are partnered with.

The number on your account can be used to identify the depository with which your demat account was opened. CDSL demat accounts are unique because they have a 16-digit combination. NSDL accounts have an alphanumeric combination which begins with the letters IN' and ends with a 14-digit number.

CDSL easi provides a web-based platform that makes it easy for CDSL demat account holders to access their CDSL accounts.

CDSL e and asi is an acronym for "electronic access securities information" that was introduced by the national bank to allow demat account holders to manage their securities from any location, at any time. This internet-based CDSL service allows registered account holders and clearing members to view their CDSL demat accounts, as well as check details about their transactions and holdings via the CDSL website.

Logins to CDSL Demat accounts and registrations on the easi portal are very simple

To learn more about the CDSL demat account login, register on the CDSL platform. This quick guide will show you how to complete the registration. Once you have completed the process, you can use the CDSL Demat account login details to access all account-related information conveniently from one location.

- Visit the CDSL website at

- Click on the "login" option in the top right corner.

- In the pop-up box that appears, select the first option - New System Myeasi (BO/CM/DP/Issuer/DDP).

Click the button below to log in. A new page will open, and another pop-up box will appear. Click the link that says "To Register for Easy!" Click Here.

Once you have completed this, you will need your BO ID (16-digit demat account number), and your password in the required format.

Once you have provided all required details, the registration process will be completed.

- Next, you can log in to the portal using your CDSL Demat account login credentials.

The depository does not charge CDSL demat account fees

You open a CDSL Demat account through the depository participant (DP) when you go to the depository. The depository does not charge CDSL demat account fees. But that's not all. The CDSL e is also available for free.

CDSL demat account holders also enjoy a host other benefits on easi portal

You can use the electronic platform to perform many functions if you have a CDSL Demat account.

- Printing and checking the details of transactions and holdings for the past 7 days

- Printing the details of your demat account's valuation (based on the closing prices of the previous BSE day)

- Multiple demat accounts can be checked and tracked using a single login ID

Through the easi portal, you can view corporate announcements relating to your CDSL demat account holdings

You can login to your CDSL demat account to check for any corporate announcements related to the securities and shares you own. You can also add up to 25 ISINs (International Securities ID Numbers) to securities you don't currently own so that you can keep track of corporate announcements.


You can enjoy many benefits when you open a demat account with CDSL. Most of these benefits are completely free. One of these key advantages is the CDSL e andportal. It is easy to open a demat account at the national depository. CDSL has a large network of DPs that span the entire country. To open a CDSL demat account, you just need to contact a DP.

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