You can invest in shares if you're a beginner in the stock market.

NSE is the largest stock exchange, but BSE is the oldest. Nifty and Sensex, respectively, are the major indexes at NSE and BSE. This index provides a broad overview of stocks and can be used for market performance. NSE or , which is better for beginners How can you decide where to invest?

Below is a comparison of NSE and BSE

Trading VolumeContinue readingLesser Than NSE
LiquidityContinue readingLesser Than BSE
StocksFewLarge List

1. Trading volume: As you can see, NSE is more active in trading. This means that there are many potential buyers and sellers of stocks. BSE has a lower trading volume.

2. Liquidity - NSE has greater liquidity than BSE which makes it a more attractive option. Trading is easier with more liquidity, and stocks can be converted into money faster.

3. Stocks - BSE has a huge list of stocks. Most of the company stocks are part BSE. All stocks that are part NSE are also part BSE.

4. Derivative contracts: NSE Nifty, Bank Fifty are highly traded because of their liquidity. Nifty has been surpassed by NSE in the derivative contract segment.

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BSE and NSE: Which one is better?

BSE is better suited for beginners than NSE for traders and experienced investors. BSE is the best choice for Indian investors who wish to invest in shares in new companies. NSE is the best choice if you're a day trader who can risk share trading with futures and derivatives. NSE also offers better software to facilitate high-risk online transactions. BSE is the best choice for conservative investors who want to watch their investments grow.

BSE and NSE use different tax levy methods. NSE is best suited for smaller turnovers while BSE is better suited for larger turnovers.

Both offer excellent online services and are both secure.

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