Choosing Equity over Gold, FD, Real estate. Why?

Mohan is an investor in fixed deposits, real estate, and gold.

Experts advise him to put his money in equity. Let's find out why.

  • Equity is a low-risk investment: Unlike Fixed Deposits, Gold, and Real Estate, you can get into the equity market with a smaller capital.
  • Equity has higher returns: History has shown that Equity provides better returns than FD, Gold, and Real-estate.
  • The returns on equity beat inflation and are tax-free.
  • Equity is highly liquid. You can easily buy and sell equity, or convert it to cash very quickly.
  • Equity is the most efficient asset class. Because of compounding effect, capital appreciation and dividend income, equity can increase your wealth more quickly over time.

If Mohan had invested Rs.10,000/in FD & Infosys shares in 1993, their value today would be Rs.66,500/+ & Rs.1.25Cr, respectively.

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