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How can I tell which shares I should buy and when to sell?

To get the best return on your investment, you will need to have the right expertise. You can start small if you're a beginner. You should seek the guidance of share market experts to make wise investments. This will allow you to better understand sharemarket investments. As you gain confidence, you can increase your investments later.

Where can I purchase shares?

A registered broker can help you buy shares on the share trading platforms BSE or NSE.

Who decides the price of these shares?

A company can set a fixed price to its shares. This price is known as 'Face Value or 'Par Val'. This Face Value is used in company accounting books for calculation purposes. The share is given a new value when it reaches the stock market. This value can be used to trade on the stock exchange. Market Value is the new price that changes depending on the market conditions at a stock exchange.

Are the shares available for purchase directly on the stock market exchanges?

No. To trade on the share market exchanges, you will need to have a broker or sub-broker.

What about my Return on Investment? Do I get more than company dividends?

You can sell the shares if the share price rises and make more money. You should sell or buy shares at the correct time to get maximum returns. Stocks can be held to receive dividends, and then sold later.

What are dividends, you ask?

As part of the company's profits, dividends are earned when you become a shareholder. Dividends are paid at the face value of each share.

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