Most Effective Candlesticks Patterns

Over a dozen patterns of candlesticks are identified by traders for different market conditions and used extensively in trade setup.

The study of candlestick patterns is a common technique in technical analysis. Candlestick chartsare unique patterns which combine data from different time periods into one candle or bar. This allows for the detection of underlying trends over multiple time horizons. Candlesticks can be used to visually represent open-high and close in one bar. The use of colour-coded bars gives traders depth and makes it easier to determine price direction.

Trading requires a good understanding of the candlestick pattern. We will be discussing the most effective candlestick patterns for traders.

Bulkowski Candlestick patterns

Bulkowski's name would be mentioned when we discuss the most powerful candlestick pattern. Bulkowski studied the candlestick patterns and classified them into two categories based on how accurate they were at predicting the market.

Continuation These formations are a confirmation that the trend is continuing

Reversal Traders open positions based upon trend reversal predictions. They rely on indicators and charts to do this. Trend change is predicted by reversal patterns.

These formations are known by their colorful names. Let's now take a look at some of the most powerful candlestick patterns.

Three-line strike

The three-line strike forecasts a bullish reversal during a downtrend. Each candle opens near the intrabar low and closes at a lower low. The three-bar formation is complete. The fourth bar of a green or yellow bullish candle opens lower but closes higher than the previous candle.

Bulkowski claims that the trend reversal patterns predict a change of trend with an 83 percent accuracy.

Two black gating

Bulkowski's second pattern is the one we will be discussing. It is known as the two-black gapping.

This is a continuation pattern. It means that traders anticipate the current trend to continue for some time. After a significant high in an uptrend, a black or red candle will appear. Then, more bearish candles emerge. The chart shows that the price falls will continue, which could trigger a downtrend.

The stomach is located above the waist

There is a two- candle formation above the stomach. The first candle is a bearish one, while the second candle is bullish. It opens at the middle of the first candle and closes high up. This pattern is bullish trend reversed with a 63 percent accuracy rate.

Three black crows

Three black crows represent a bearish pattern.

Traders expect a reversal if three back candles are seen in a row that is close to an uptrend's high. A candle that strikes a lower low than the intrabar low will indicate that the downtrend will not end.

This pattern predicts a reversal with a much higher accuracy rate of almost 78 percent.

Evening Star

The star that appears far from the trend indicates a reversal. After a bullish candle, the evening star indicates a bearish reversal. Although the star opens higher than the bullish candles, new buyers are not present in the market. This results in a small bearish candle. The candle that follows the evening star opens lower, confirming the downward trend.

An evening star can be easily identified in the chart. This candle has a small body and shadows. It appears after a strong bullish candlestick is followed by a bearish one.

Abandoned baby

The abandoned baby pattern is found at the bottom end of a downtrend. It appears after a bearish candle. It is often seen away from the trend and records a lower low, sometimes without a body. This indicates that there are no new sellers and the market is in a state of uncertainty. The pattern is completed when the third candle appears at a bullish gap.

There are many different types of candlesticks, so it's not hard to see the beauty of them all.

Bullish Engulfing Pattern

One back candle in a downtrend can be followed by a bullish candle the next day. The second candle is large enough that it can engulf previous candle. The pattern must be confirmed by the stock price opening below the previous candle, and closing above.

Bullish engulfing refers to a strong reverse pattern that occurs after several downward bearish candles. Aggressive traders will be entering the market after the bullish candle closes, anticipating an uptrend.

The Ending Note

Chart patterns are distinctive shapes traders use to predict the future price movements. There are many chart pattern made by candlesticks. These patterns can be broadly divided into trend reversal patterns and continuation patterns. To predict the location of the trade's money, traders use different technical tools. Although candlesticks may not provide additional information, their visual appeal and colour code help them stand out. Candles offer a visual representation that shows a market condition. This is a break from complicated numbers and graphs. Candlestick patterns allow traders to concentrate on the critical information needed to understand market psychology and to take action.

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