Call & Trade Chares : Meaning

Trade stocks with your smartphone is now easier than ever thanks to technological advancements. 

What's a call and trade?

We can help you trade stocks if you are unable to access the internet or your computer. You can instruct the executives to trade according to your instructions.

What charges are levied for call and trade?

For executed trades, the brokerage fee is Rs. 20 Additional charges of Rs. 20 will be levied if the transaction is made over the phone. For executed calls and trade orders, a 20 + GST fee is charged. These charges will be levied after execution of trades.

What is an auto-square off charge?

The order will be auto-squared off if you place an intraday trade order and don't close the positions within the timeframe. The offline trade is what the auto-square off refers to, since the trader didn't do it.

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