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What is Hockey Stick Chart Pattern?

Understanding the Hockey Stick Chart Pattern

It's an exciting industry. The thrill of trading is when traders spot patterns in their charts. These formations can lead to unique trading opportunities. One such pattern is the hockey stick chart pattern. It's characterized by a sudden increase in value after a brief period of inactivity. The pattern looks like a hockey stick. This pattern indicates a dramatic increase in stock value after a brief period of stability. We will explain what this means and show you how to spot a hockey stick. Continue reading.

What is a Hockey Stick Chart?

A hockey stick chart is a line graph where the line joining the data points looks like a hockey stick. It is a sign of a brief period of stability followed by a rapid rise. It has a tip, inflexion and a long shaft. Because of its unique features, it is easy to identify. It is often spotted by traders when evaluating company performance metrics such as sales volume and revenue. This can ultimately impact the share price.

The hockey stick pattern is common in scientific researches. It can also be used for statistical researches. A hockey stick pattern can be seen in revenue charts or sales reports. This is a very unique pattern that requires immediate attention.

The line connecting data points represents inaction. This is when growth is slow. Inflexion represents the initial burst in growth followed by a long shaft that indicates sustained and rapid progress.

Interpreting the Hockey Stick Pattern

The hockey stick pattern is used by traders to predict a change in the company's performance. This will affect its share price. Traders can profit from a rise in revenue or sales of the company's stocks.

The Hockey Stick That Allows You To Score A Goal.

The hockey stick pattern is a persuasive one. When they see the hockey stick, many traders will open a long position. You can open a long trade if the hockey stick is rising upwards, which indicates a rise in company sales volume.

CFDs are a way to speculate in the market without having to deal with any underlying assets.


The hockey stick chart pattern is well-known in laboratory research, but it can also be used in trading. A company's performance is strongly reflected by a hockey stick that rises in height. Therefore, traders often look for hockey stick shapes when analyzing financial statements.

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