Online Share Trading

Trading Platform/Tools

Online trading accounts offer more than just convenience. The accounts offer a variety of tools and platforms that allow users to trade from any location. This makes it easy to make informed trading decisions that can help you to maximize your profits. Angel Eye is a trading platform that allows investors and traders to trade stocks in order to make profits or buy/sell securities.

Online Trading Platforms

Trading can be done on a variety of platforms.

  • Website:

    The service provider website allows users to access their online trading account. Traders can gain access to all services offered by the service providers using their log-in name or password. Many service providers allow traders to access their trading accounts via smartphones, tablets, and IPad. Some service providers have specially-designed websites for account holders with slow Internet connections.

  • Dealer-Assisted Trading

    Qualified and experienced dealers will help account holders to manage their online trading and offer guidance on financial decisions. Users can also call dealers to make trades over the phone. Dealers are available to answer customers' questions and provide financial advice that will help them grow their capital, meet different financial goals and objectives.

  • Trade and call:

    Users can also call to place trades if they do not have computer access. Account holders can place unlimited orders and trade in all segments, including cash, derivatives and initial public offerings. The call and trade platform are completely secure, despite popular belief. Users must pass several levels of verifications to ensure that no fraud can occur.

All of the online stock trading platforms offer convenience and flexibility for account holders. It makes it much easier to complete the required paperwork for stock market trading and reduces the time involved.

Online Share Trading Tools

  • Stock Watchlist:

    To monitor stocks that you are interested in, it is impossible to search the entire Scrip List. Stock Watchlist makes it easy to keep an eye on the stocks you are most interested in. You can modify the watchlist to add or remove scrips. This list provides traders with a comprehensive view of price movements, profit or loss, growth, profit or change, profit, and % change.

  • Research Reports

    An online trading account provided by a trusted service provider will allow you to access excellent research and analysis performed by trained professionals. You can also find market statistics such as top losers or gainers, daily highs or lows, buyers and sellers, to help you make your investment decisions. This extensive research gives account holders all the information they need to trade on stock markets.

  • Notifications

    Through News alerts, service brokers can keep users informed about market trends and other occurrences. They can also set up alerts to receive reminders via SMS and emails about the investments they prefer in order to make the right decisions.

Service providers offer different tools and platforms to help customers trade online because every customer is unique. These services can be accessed by each account holder according to his preferences and needs.

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