Online Share Trading

Introduction to Share Trading

SEBI, India's governing body, oversees organizations that are related to India's Capital Markets. You can trade with the main two types of organizations: Stock Exchanges and Depositories. The creation of a Demat Account is made possible by Depositories. Trading shares can be done through Stock Exchanges.

Who are the regulators of the stock market?

It is the responsibility of all parties to regulate the securities market.

  1. Department of Economic Affairs (DEA).
  2. Department of Company Affairs (DCA).
  3. Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  4. Securities and Exchange Board of India

Please tell me more about SEBI.

SEBI, the Indian regulatory authority established under Section 3 SEBI Act 1992, is known as SEBI. Its function includes:

  1. Investors' interests in securities
  2. Promotion of the growth of the securities market
  3. Regulating securities markets

What is the Depository Participant (DP), and what are they?

A Depository is an organization that holds securities (like shares and debentures as well as bonds, government securities, mutual funds units, etc.). At the request of the investors, a Depository Participant can provide electronic forms to the investors. It also offers services in relation to securities transactions. At present two Depositories viz. Two Depositories, viz. Eg. Eg.
Angel One is a registered Depository Participant with CDSL.

What should you look out for in a DP

  1. Transaction charges at the lowest possible
  2. Transfer charges for Demat to Pool and any other Demat are minimal
  3.  Pool Account should not chare us 
  4. Requires no separate Demat Account
  5. Margin trading can be made from shares in the Pool Account
  6. T+4 days without interest for shares not delivered on Trade Day

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