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What is Gann Theory ?

William Delbert Gann was a market forecaster. Gann Theory was born from his ability to use geometry to predict market movements. This tool is complex and requires deep understanding of its principles before being used in actual trading. Are you curious about Gann's principles and how they can be used to increase your returns by accurately predicting the market? Continue reading below to find out more about Gann Theory.

What is Gann Theory Stock market trading?

The Gann Theory is extremely useful when it comes to forecasting future market movements. Gann Theory's main purpose is to predict how different factors will affect the market at different points in time. Gann Theory can be used to predict market movements in the future. A market pattern could influence the movement of shares. It could also be the market's price that is influencing it at another time. The Gann Theory is a method of understanding this relationship and making market predictions based upon it.

The Gann Theory is a method that helps traders identify the optimal combination of time, share price and trading pattern to make successful trades in the stock market. There is more to Gann theory than that. This article will explain how to use it as an analysis tool. Gann angles are an example of a part that Gann theory does not cover. Let's take a closer look at the working of these angles.

Gann Theory Explained

W.D Gann invented a variety of methods to analyze price charts. The theory states that different patterns and angles have features that can be used to predict price action. The charts must show both the price interval as well as the equal time for the Gann technique be applied. Gann's technique employs a variety of angles to make its predictions. Different angles are used to determine the trade's price at different points in time. These angles are used to indicate the future, present and past of the stock's share prices. Once the price points have been connected to the charts, it is possible to calculate the Gann angles.

Gann Theory and an Example

This example illustrates how Gann Theory can be applied to our lives. Let's say that the market is in an upward trend and it doesn't break even if it stays higher than the ascending angle. The Gann theory predicts that the market will continue in this uptrend for the foreseeable future. Gann theory predicts that the market will continue to fall if it is in a downtrend but the stock's value remains below the descending triangular. To get good returns on the market, traders use the Gann trading strategy.

Application of Gann Theory

Patterns can be studied using both price theory and gann time.

  • Price Study With the help of Gann angles you can track the price movements of stocks. The pivot levels are used to predict the stock's future price movements. The stock price can also be determined by the resistance and support levels.
  • Time Study. Gann’s time study model gives traders an idea of when the stock’s price could reverse. It is necessary to analyze historical data and determine the stock's current price. Gann's time study theory allows traders to estimate when the stock price can fall. To estimate this, it is necessary to examine the stock price movements over different periods.
  • Pattern Study The use of patterns can help you find stock movements and investor activity. The pattern study covers the trends and patterns that indicate the reversal of stock movement.


Gann's theory is useful when studying patterns, prices, and time in the stock market. It is important to practice the theory and test it before you make it part of your daily trading.


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