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What are Fractional Shares?

One unit of ownership in a company is called a share. You become a shareholder when you buy a substantial amount of the capital of a company. As an annual dividend, you also get a portion of the company's profit.

A situation in which a company is facing merger, bonus issue, or stock split may result in you receiving a fraction of your share, such as one-third to one-half of a shared. These stocks are what you call them. What are the terms for how they are paid? What are the implications of income tax?

A fractional share refers to a stock unit that is smaller than one share. Fractional shares are usually created by stock splits, bonus shares and mergers and acquisitions. Fractional shares can be obtained from capital gains, dollar-cost averaging and dividend reinvestment programs. Fractional shares cannot trade on the open market. A major brokerage is the only way to sell fractional stock. These shares are not available on the stock exchange but they are valuable to investors and are difficult to sell.

Learn more about fractional shares

Big brokerage firms are often able to trade fractional shares. Selling fractional shares may take longer if there is not a lot of demand for the stock. As you can see, fractional shares can be created in many different ways.

Stock Divides

The top company officials will issue more shares to existing shareholders to increase the outstanding share count. This is done to increase the company's liquidity. Stock splits of this nature are usually 2-for-1 and 3-for-1.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Brokerages sometimes split shares in order to sell fractional shares to clients. This is often done for high-priced stocks like Alphabet, Google's parent, and Amazon. Sometimes fractional stocks are the only way for an investor to buy shares in these companies.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Dividend Reinvestment Plans, (DRIP), also allow for fractional shares to be created. Dividend reinvestment plans allow investors to use dividend payouts for more shares. The dividend can be used to purchase fractional shares, as it may not be sufficient to buy all of the stocks.

How can you sell fractional shares.

You usually sell fractional shares to get cash for companies. The trustee is appointed by the company to purchase fractional shares from investors.

Benefits of fractional shares

Fractional share investment allows a novice investor or relative newcomer to the market while taking a low risk. It would be difficult for regular investors to build a portfolio of stocks that are high in price without fractional shares. It is also easy for experienced investors to invest in their favourite stocks using fractional shares.


A few trading platforms and brokerages now allow fractional investing. This allows investors to invest in small amounts in high-end securities that are otherwise out of their reach. Fractional shares allow you to divide your investments between more stocks and to create a more diverse portfolio. You can also use small cash balances to quickly work to maximize returns.

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