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An Introductory guide on Diamond top formation

Stock trading is sometimes referred to by some as a "gamble". However, there is a lot science behind the activity. You can use a variety of technical aspects to stock trading to help you decide when it is time to exit or enter the market. You will be able predict the outcome of your investment if you are interested in technical charts and analysis patterns. The diamond top chart pattern is one of the most popular technical analysis charts in share market investments. This is an introduction to the diamond top pattern.

Definition of a diamond top formation

Diamond top formation is a type of technical analysis pattern. It typically occurs near or at the market tops. This formation signals that an uptrend could be in reverse. This formation is named after the presence of trend lines connecting the peaks and the troughs. These lines are formed by stock price action and form a 'diamond shape.

The breakdown of the diamond top formation

They are rare, but they can indicate a potential reversal in a current uptrend. When strong up-trending prices start to flatten sideways over a prolonged period, the pattern is called formation or occur, it marks the formation of a particular diamond shape. Technical traders have the potential to make large profits by looking for these reversals. The diamond top formation is a highly profitable pattern due to its ability to provide large returns. Analysts suggest that you can plan a move by finding the highest and lowest points in a diamond formation after the neckline is broken. Then, add the breakout point to this figure.

Trading of diamond top and bottom patterns - Misidentification

The ideal situation for diamond top formations is when an uptrend is ending or nearing its end. However, the diamond bottom pattern trading formation happens when a downtrend has ended. Top formations are often confused with head and shoulders formations, which are more powerful. You should know the differences between the head and shoulders reverse pattern and the diamond top pattern if you're a novice trader. The former is just before the latter. You could miss the difference and end up shorting the market. You should also note that diamond patterns can be compared with double tops or bottoms, but the former has more distinct lows and highs.

Characteristics for diamond top formations

We now know what a diamond top formation is and when it occurs. Let's look at its main features and how it forms. These are the characteristics of diamond tops

1. Security prices should trend upward

2. Price action should start to look more like a broadening pattern. At the beginning, the peaks will be much higher and the troughs will be significantly lower.

3. The price action then changes in the opposite direction. When the peaks are lower than the troughs

4. Once they are connected, the peaks will join the troughs to form the shape and size of a diamond. This is usually tilted to one end.


The diamond pattern is reliable, even though it's rare. Trading stocks can be characterized by bullish or even diamond bottom chart patterns, but they are more common than bullish and diamond top charts patterns. Angel One advisors can help you identify the top and bottom diamond formations while trading.

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