What exactly are Quant Funds?

What exactly are Quant Funds?

Fund managers manage investments in wealth and asset management companies. Fund managers are assisted by research analysts who help them analyze complex and extensive information. When selecting securities or allocating funds, investment strategies are used. Despite being structured, all investment decisions are made with human judgments.

Quant funds, on the contrary, have investment strategies driven by algorithms. To drive a systematic and objective decision process, a specific framework that includes rule engines and predictive modeling is created. Quant systems development requires advanced statistical techniques and enabling technology. The system results in complex correlation analysis, hidden patterns identification, and predictive modeling.

Quant engine for investment reduces the need to judge and manages portfolios without biases and human emotions. These strategies are based on objective, scientifically-researched decision-making systems.

What is a Quant Fund?

You can structure Quant Funds in many different ways to earn returns.

  • Market trades produce huge amounts of data at a very high speed. You can create a system that scans such data and analyzes patterns to identify arbitrages, generates returns, or both. This could be used to trade very short periods.
  • One can also use predictive models and rule-based portfolio construction to generate medium-to long term returns
  • You can also create predictive engines that model the movements of ETFs across different sectors, sizes, and geography. A framework can generate returns by using derivative positions based on the directions these assets are called for.

Quant funds essentially leverage the following key capabilities to enable systematic investment strategies that generate consistent alpha.

  • Able to deal with huge computational demands for asset selection and allocation
  • Enhance your predictive power with AI & ML to search for hidden patterns and historical correlations
  • Objective decision-making, without biases or human emotions
  • Improved risk management through reducing errors and focusing more on the actual source of return than on preferred asset classes

What Are Machine Learning Technologies Doing for Decision Science?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are disruptive technologies in today's business world.

Complex algorithms and predictive models are used by many organizations to continuously process and analyze large amounts of information to improve their services and business processes. One example of such applications is map apps that suggest possible routes between two places and estimate travel time.

Investments also require complex calculations and predictions. Over time, basic rules and frameworks that allow for wealth management have evolved to identify assets that can generate future returns. Passively managed funds are, however, rule-based. Actively managed funds can benefit from human intelligence. Both styles have their pros and cons. These styles can have contrasting pros and cons. Artificial intelligence can bring a third dimension. Artificial intelligence can imitate human judgment to a great extent, while still retaining the advantages of passive investing.

An AI system must be able to mimic human judgment by processing large data sets and building predictive models. Then, it will choose the best option to generate future returns. These funds or schemes can be called Quant Funds. These strategies are able to benefit from objective, disciplined decision-making systems that have been rigorously researched and are objective.

Tata Asset Management Company recently launched the TATA Quant Fund. This multi-factor mutual fund scheme has embedded AI modules that dynamically select strategies based upon prevailing conditions. The fund will choose from a set of stocks that includes BSE 200 as well as those on the derivatives list to create a portfolio.


Quant funds can remove the bias associated with active fund management. This creates a degree of risk for investors that quant models are able to mitigate. Quant funds are worth exploring if you're interested in the idea.

Best Wishes for Investing and good Luck for the Future!

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