Trading Account

What is Trading account : Features and Benefits

Stockbrokers were responsible for buying and selling orders on behalf of their clients before the advent of online trading. Online trading allows investors to place orders online or over the phone. The individual's stockbroker automatically routes the client's instructions to the exchange.

To buy and sell stock, it is necessary to create a trading account and a demat account. What is a trading account? A stockbroker will provide a trading account that allows you to purchase or sell securities. The trading account can be linked to the bank account which provides liquid cash for the purchase or sale of securities.

Multiple accounts are permitted for investors depending on trading strategies. Multiple accounts can include a margin account or an account for retirement savings.

What is a trading account?

  • Buying and selling of shares are done through a trading account.
  • It acts as an interface between investors' bank accounts and Demat accounts.
  • This account allows you to purchase shares and credit them to your Demat account.
  • Sold shares are deducted from the Demat account, and the bank account is credited with the sales proceeds.
  • There are no restrictions on how many Demat accounts an individual can access.

These are some things you should know about trading accounts:

  • Benefits and Features of Trading Account.
  • The benefits of trading account
  • Choosing the Best Trading Account in India
  • How to open a trading account online
  • Documents
  • Get started

The Benefits and Features of a Trading Account


  • You can buy or sell shares online or over the phone
  • Investors can access the top performers in different categories through expert recommendations.
  • Sign up for an online trading account to receive regular market updates and news alerts.
  • Investors can increase their exposure to various shares by using the margin investing option.
  • High-speed trading platforms allow stock market trading in real-time, without delays. This maximizes profits.
  • Special facilities allow you to place orders after-market hours.
  • Expert research advice is provided by a team of experienced analysts.


An investor can set his trading limits using a trading account. A trading account allows investors to trade stocks, forex, ETFs, and derivatives. Below are some advantages of trading accounts.

  • It's easy to set up and provides telephonic as well as online access. Investors do not need to have physical transactions to purchase/sell securities.
  • This shows the relationship between gross profit (or sales). This allows investors to assess their profitability.
  • It also shows the ratio between gross profits and costs of goods sold.

How to Choose the Best Trading Account in India

  • Consider the frequency of transactions and look for a platform that offers affordable, reliable service.
  • You should choose a service provider that can provide a comprehensive and complete solution for all your trading needs on the equity markets.
  • You should consider your long-term needs before you make any transactions.
  • The best forex account in India offers advanced technology platforms that will allow access from any location. There will also be virtually no downtime which could limit trading capabilities.
  • It is essential to work with a reliable service provider in order to trade smoothly. The customer service representatives of the chosen provider must also be skilled and able to provide fast and effective solutions for any problems that might arise.

Opening a trading account online

  • Selecting a SEBI-registered broker is the first step in opening a trading bank account. To open a Demat account, a broker must have a valid SEBI registration number. Angel One offers Demat account and Trading account to traders who are interested. 
  • To open a trading account, a client must submit a "Client Registration form" and any other documents required by SEBI, the Indian regulator of the securities market. Along with proof of address and identity, an Account Opening Form and Know Your Client (KYC), documents must be submitted.
  • The details will be confirmed via a phone call or in-house visit.
  • After verification, the account is processed and the investor will get his account details.

Documents are required

These are the basic documents needed to open a trading account:

  • Register for an Account
  • Photo ID proof: Passport, Voter's ID, Passport, Driving license / Aadhaar Card.
  • Address proof: Telephone bill/ Electricity bill/ Bank statement/ Ration card/ Passport/ Voter ID/ Registered lease/sale agreement/ Driving licence

Getting started

An investor can open an online trading account and place buy/sell orders whenever he wants. Investors can find out their trading details online and make more informed decisions for profitable trading.

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