Basics of Stock Market - Beginner

Share Market Tips

Different investors come to the share market with different goals. Some investors seek quick, high returns while others are looking for long-term investments with a balanced portfolio and long-term investment opportunities. To protect against volatility, investors should be aware of a few tips for the share market during their investment journey.

We recommend these best tips for the share market:

  • Set goals
  • Learn Risk Tolerance
  • Choose the right stocks
  • Control your emotions
  • Learn the basics
  • Diversify your investments

Tip for the Share Market: Set Goals

The best sharemarket investment tip is to set goals. It is a good idea to link any investment to a long-term or short-term goal before you start. This will give you a better understanding of the investment's duration and the target amount. You can also consider other investment options if you do not expect to need the investment returns for a short time. If you are able to invest for a longer time, equity may be the best option.

Tip for the Market: Learn to Accept Risk

It is important to understand your risk tolerance before you invest in the share market's volatility. Investment journeys are not complete without risk tolerance. Investors' risk tolerances will vary. It is basically the ability to handle the swings in the market and their effects on the investment's value. Investors' tolerance for low risk depends on their appetite for loss and ability to handle the volatility of the market. Investors who are comfortable with low risk tend to panic sell securities they do not need.

Stock Tip - Choose the right stocks

Avoid investing in penny stocks or stocks that are based on word-of-mouth. Instead, one should research companies and invest in stocks that have strong performance. This share market tip also has the added benefit that strong companies can better withstand market fluctuations and give stronger chances for higher long-term returns.

Share Market Tip: Control Emotions

Investors' inability to control their emotions when deciding is one of the greatest obstacles to share market investment. Investors' emotions in the short-term will affect the market performance and the prices of companies. This is often called the "herd mentality", where investors are influenced more by other investors than they are by the facts of the situation. Experts recommend that you only invest in stocks if there are reasons to believe the stock will perform better in the future. This also ensures that the investor can exit the investment. This means that a buying/selling strategy is one of most important tips in the share market.

Share Market Tip - Understand the basics

It is important to take the time to learn about any investment tool before you invest. Investors often avoid understanding the basics of the stock exchange, its function, and strategies. They also avoid reading reports and performance reports from companies, which can be confusing and contain technical terminologies. Investors fail to realize that understanding the strategies and terminologies can make it easier to make informed and wise decisions and provide better returns.

Tip for the Share Market: Diversify your investments

Investors take great care to diversify their investments and keep a balanced portfolio. However, many investors overlook the importance diversifying equity investments. Diversifying your equity investment means investing in different industries and sectors. As a result, a portfolio that is diverse can help to reduce the impact of swings. Often, a downtrend in one sector leads to an uptrend in another.


  • Always prefer SEBI and Stock Exchange registered market intermediaries
  • Clear communication is essential with your broker, agent, or intermediary.
  • Before you invest, make sure to read all documents.
  • Before placing an order, verify the credentials of the company, its management, and any other important information.
  • Stocks that show rapid ups or downs should be avoided
  • Proper research and analysis are essential to make investment decisions.

Do not:

  • Do not deal with brokers or sub-brokers who aren't registered.
  • Do not blindly follow media reports, herd mentality or speculations.
  • Do not sign or submit any documents without understanding the terms and conditions.
  • Don't imitate investment decisions.
  • Do not invest based on emotions
  • Do not wait to time market

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