Meaning of Golden Cross Stock

How do you know if investors are bullish on a stock? It's the Golden Cross on the stock price chart.

What's a Golden Cross?

The technical charts show the Golden Cross when a stock's short term Moving Average(MA) rises above its long-term (200 day), for example. This indicates a bullish shift in sentiments. The shorter-term MA is increasing faster than the long-term MA until it catch up to the former. This indicates that stocks are breaking the support levels for long-term MAs and making new highs. A moving average is the average closing price of shares during a period.

What does a Golden Cross indicate Bullishness?

Experts believe that stocks could gain 5-7 percent if their short-term MA prices exceed the long-term moving medians. A golden cross chart will show the eventual bottoming of stock prices, before they continue to rise above the long-term average.

Investors are bullish on stock prices and expect them to continue rising or remain at the same level. This stabilising effect is a sign that investors are bullish. The long-term moving mean becomes the support level for prices in a golden cross. This golden cross is maintained as long as prices trade above that long-term average. Investors are attracted to stocks that have positive sentiment. This creates buying opportunities. Experts believe bullish sessions will last as long as the trend lines align. The upward trend in stock price rises as the trading volume increases. The death cross is a technical chart pattern that occurs when the short-term moving mean falls below the support level.

Moving averages are used to distinguish bullish and bearish markets. If markets are bullish, as indicated by a gold cross, traders will look to buy at the smallest price drops. Conversely, if markets are bearish, like a death crossing indicates, buyers will sell when they see prices rise even slightly. Both the death cross and the golden cross can be used as trading strategies since traders can follow the trends shown by these technical charts patterns.

Drawbacks Of Golden Cross

While golden crosses are accurate predictors of bull markets, they do not always work. A golden cross might not hold, and if this happens, you could be facing a short-term setback if you rely on the golden cross alone. Before you trade, it is important to have a strong golden cross that is supported by similar trends in other indicators or filters.


A stock in a current gold cross can help you make better decisions. It may have been in a long downtrend that ended with a bottom and then rebounded. A stock that enters a gold cross after enduring a bearish death crossing for many years can be a sign of a trend reversal. Another option is to look out for a double bottom, which is when the stock's moving averages both surpass the same lows before it moves into a golden crossing. Wait for the price to test the support levels of the long-term moving mean once the golden cross has been formed. This will allow you to predict how strong the rally predicted in the golden cross.

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