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How to do Intraday Trading?

Day trading or intraday trading is a popular entry point for traders. As traders learn to develop their intraday trading strategies they may even consider making it a full-time job. Intraday trading, if done correctly, can offer a multitude of trading opportunities for anyone who has even a basic knowledge of the market.

Intraday Trading: Features

Let's take a look at the most important features of intraday trading to help you understand how it works.

  • - "Intraday" means "within a day". Intraday trading is basically buying and selling securities in a short time span.
  • Intraday trading is possible in many ways. One trader might buy securities early in the morning, and then sell them by the evening. He could also sell securities in the morning and then buy them back at the end of each day.
  • - Intraday trader are not looking to invest for the long-term. They are primarily focused on taking advantage of the high liquidity and the fluctuating prices of assets within the hour.
  • - Regular trading allows for the settlement of assets to take place over a longer time. Intraday trading is different because all positions are settled before the market closes.

What are the requirements for intraday trading?

A few key requirements are necessary to make intraday trading a success. Although anyone can trade intraday, you will need these tools to be successful.

  • Intraday trading is possible today with a reliable internet connection. Profits from intraday trading depend on the price fluctuations. The trading platform you choose should be updated frequently. Even a small disconnect from your trading platform can cause major problems for intraday trading
  • Intraday trading is a good option for novice traders, but it is recommended that you have at least some knowledge of the market. You can increase your chances of success by bringing knowledge to intraday trading.
  • New intraday traders take a while to find the best strategies. It is important to establish a business plan from the beginning. Intraday intraday trading is best approached with an understanding of your risk appetite and capital reinvestment.
  • A good brokerage firm will help you in your intraday trades.

How to do Intraday Trading?

With the tools and strategy in place, you can start intraday trading.

  • First, traders practice intraday trading strategies using a virtual trading account. These allow traders to test their intraday trading strategies using virtual money, and gain a good idea of how they should proceed.
  • Next, open a trading or demat account. A trusted brokerage firm can help you connect to the appropriate exchanges for the assets that you wish to trade in.
  • Intraday traders need to choose wisely because trading takes a short time. High liquidity and moderate to high volatility are the best stocks for intraday trades. It is best to focus on just one stock at a start for beginners.
  • Intraday trading depends on the time of day. The financial market in which a trader invests will affect the timing of trading.
  • Intraday trading can also be done by setting a daily loss limit or a stop loss. A trader who loses more than this amount in a given day will be forced to stop trading. This reduces his losses and helps to keep his trading capital under control.
  • Traders can use technical tools and refer to relevant charts to predict price movements. He is also alert to news stories that could impact his stocks. He is able to develop his intraday trading strategy and makes regular profits.


A trader can make significant profits by using the right intraday strategies and can settle his positions before the end of each day. Intraday traders are able to profit from both rising and declining markets, and their capital is not blocked. Anyone can begin intraday trading with the help of a trusted broker, and all the tools necessary to do so.

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