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How Does 200 days Moving average Works?

The 200-day Moving Average (MA), is simply the average closing stock price over the past 200 days. Stock traders use moving averages for different purposes. They have a range of durations. Trend indicators of price behavior over time are called moving averages. This average is used for long-term analysis of price behavior.

200 day Moving Average Chart

The graph shows the BSE Sensex's 200-day moving average. This line shows that after rising steadily but by small increments, prices eventually fell between March 2020 and May 2020. This is due to global triggers such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in fears of job loss, weak cash flows, and global economies spiraling into recession.


Long-term moving averages are used to identify the most technically sound stocks, determine market trends over the long-term and place stop losses.

To Locate Fundamentally Strong Securities

The trend indicator is used by traders to identify stocks that are 200 days away from their moving average. This distinguishes stocks that are fundamentally sound from those that aren't. Stocks that have performed above their moving average for a given period are more likely to have strong fundamentals, which has kept prices high. The number of companies that perform above the 200-day moving average indicates market sentiment and financial health.

As Support and Resistance

The MA trend line can be used to give traders key price levels that haven't been reached yet. If there was a strong trigger, prices would normally deviate before breaking the moving average. The moving average acts as both a support and resistance level. If the 200-day trend line is moving upwards, traders would go long if prices diverge from the trend line that doubles as support. The trader hopes that prices have reached their bottom and are now likely to rise due to the upward trend. If the trend line moves too strongly upward, traders might interpret that as an indication of a trend reversal. A sharp downtrend could also signal a bottoming out of prices.

It is important to choose a moving average when setting up a stop-loss for trading zones traders. The traders may lose out on opportunities if the moving average is too short. This could cause the stop loss to be activated before the price can rise or fall further. As they monitor short-term price movements, short-term moving averages can be used to determine if prices are losing steam.


The 200-day moving average is a popular indicator of price movements. It is reliable and can be used to analyze long-term price behavior. These indicate whether the markets are in a bull run, or if they have remained bullish over the long-term.

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