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International ETFs can be an international way to expose your portfolio. These ETFs are similar to regular ETFs and invest in a pooled portfolio, but on the international market. These funds are designed to invest in foreign-based securities, such as bonds and equity, that target specific markets, whether they be regional or global.

It may track an international benchmark index or an international index. These funds can be used by investors to spread portfolio risk due to political and geographic crises, and increase exposure in global equity markets.

Understanding international Index Funds

ETFs can be described as mutual funds, which invest a pool of capital in different investment options. ETFs can be classified based on their chosen segment. ETFs are designed to provide low-cost access for general investors to a wide market. ETFs allow investors to invest in bonds, gold and the forex industry. International ETFs are a similar option. They allow investors to make investments in the global market that is normally reserved for experienced and institutional players. These funds are passively invested around a benchmark index that can vary depending on their manager.

ETFs that are international can pose economic and geo-political risk, particularly if they invest in one country's economy. Your investment returns will be severely affected if the economy of the country goes into recession. Funds that invest across different geographies have better returns and mitigate risks. Funds that have a greater global reach and invest in advanced economies increase portfolio returns by investing across multiple companies.

Emerging Market ETFs

Investors are becoming increasingly interested in international ETFs because they offer lucrative opportunities on the international market. These funds are specifically designed to target emerging economies in developing nations. This allows investors from developed nations to have low-cost global exposure and greater returns. These investments can have varying returns and risk depending on the country.

Why should you invest in international ETFs

International ETFs allow you to easily and cheaply invest in foreign markets or companies not listed in India.

These funds allow investors to invest in emerging and developed economies for amazing growth.

It allows for greater portfolio diversification and global exposure.

International ETFs can be used to protect against rupee depreciation. This could lower your investment's value.

Foreign markets can be a good investment option for investors who have little or no connection to India.

This provides effective hedging, and lowers portfolio risk from adverse domestic developments. Domestic events don't impact the international markets.

Key Takeaways

International ETFs specialize in investing in foreign securities and passively investing in the global market. They can also track global indices depending on their manager.

This fund allows investors to diversify their portfolios through investments in foreign stocks and government bonds.

ETFs that invest only in bonds and stocks from developing countries are known as emerging market or frontier markets ETFs.

The two most preferred options for frontier market exchange traded funds are equity and debt funds.

These funds have a higher investment cost than other funds, as they track the international market.

International ETFs that invest in single countries have higher risk than those that are exposed to the wider market. They also tend to be more volatile than funds that provide exposure to the entire market.

International index funds can be used to help mitigate domestic political and economic risks, as the global economy is able to grow regardless of local market conditions.

Vanguard Total International Stock ETF (ETF) is one example of an international ETF.

The bottom line

ETFs can be a cost-effective way to get exposure to the wider market. International ETFs can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and gain exposure to the global market. They also offer greater liquidity and global exposure. Before you invest in the international market, it is important to understand the risks involved. An alternative approach is to choose a board-based equity global ETF which offers exposure to multiple markets in several countries, rather than ETFs that invest in one country.

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