Everything you need to know about Zero balance Demat account

A zero brokerage demat account can save you money every year, unlike the services provided by a regular demat account. Zero brokerage or zero balance demat accounts do not limit the services that you receive with regular demat accounts. This article will provide all the information you need about a Demat account with zero brokerage trading. There are three ways to divide a demat account that has zero brokerage trading.

1. All Segments are Brokered Zero (or No)

With a zero balance demat account, all market segments can be traded, including equity, debt and options, commodities and other. Finvasia is the only broker that offers this type of demat account.

2. Zero Brokerage (no brokerage) for delivery trading

Indian discount brokers started trading accounts after seeing the success of Robinhood's mobile trading app in the USA. These delivery segments are also completely brokerage-free. Angel One is one such discount broker. This means you can buy and sell individual stocks in the cash segment for Rs0 per trade.

Market analyses show that not many investors place their money in delivery trades. To attract more investors, it is a smart marketing strategy to keep it free. To allow newcomers to try out equity delivery trading, we keep delivery trading brokerage completely free. These newcomers will become more proficient over time and be more inclined to continue with derivatives or intraday trade.

3. Monthly/Yearly Plans

This is the final section of brokerage-free trading, when it comes down to getting a zero brokerage account. Special deals are offered throughout the year for monthly or annual plans. This type demat account suits those who trade regularly in the stock exchange. These deals may be most beneficial to intraday traders.

How to Find Zero Balance Demat Accounts in India

It may seem more difficult than it is to secure a zero brokerage demat account. It is possible to quickly find the best zero brokerage account in India by doing efficient online research and comparing prices between brokers. These steps will make this process much simpler. These are some tips to help you find the best zero-demat account in India.

Make a list listing Indian brokerage firms that offer zero brokerage plans

India offers unlimited trading plans and zero balance demat accounts. However, only a handful of stockbrokers offer these services at any one time. You should also be aware that the zero balance plan that you have purchased today may become subject to charges one year later. Visit the websites of Indian brokerage firms to find zero brokerage demat accounts.

Choose the plan that suits you best from a trusted broker

Comparing the plans is an important step that many people forget to do. Compare a number of brokers to compare the various offerings. Be aware of hidden fees. Brokers may charge transaction fees that aren't disclosed, but are mentioned in the fine print. All transaction fees should be eliminated from a zero brokerage account. It is therefore important to read the policies of all brokers carefully and choose the one that best suits your needs.

View the pricing details for taxation and other information.

It is important to review the pricing details for the plan that you choose. The pricing details for each plan will be listed separately on the main page. They will include information about how much and when your zero balance account will cost you. Even for zero brokerage accounts, GST may be charged by central depositories or stock exchanges. These transaction costs can also apply to brokers. These additional costs are not usually mentioned in zero balance plans.


Look carefully at the pricing details and compare different brokers to find the best plan for your long-term investment goals. These plans can help you save a lot of money, especially for intraday traders or trader who trades in large volumes. Be aware of GST, stock exchange transaction fees, and any other hidden costs associated with a Demat account. These costs are paid to entities that are not your broker.

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