Basics Of Stock Market - Intermediate

Tax on Share Trading

Security Transaction Tax (STT) applies to all securities purchased and sold after September 1, 2004

STT stands for Security Transaction Tax. It is a tax that India imposes on share trading. Learn more about Tax Implications of Trading in Shares at Karvy Online.

The short-term capital gains are the profits on stocks that were sold within one year of their purchase. Short-Term Capital Gains are subject to tax at 10%.

A loss on stocks that are sold within one year of their purchase date is called Short Term Capital Loss. You can offset short term capital loss with short term gains during the same financial year.

Long-Term Capital Gains is the profit on stocks that are sold within 1 year of their purchase date. Since September 2004, Long-Term Capital Gains are exempted of tax.

Long-term capital loss is any stock that has been sold within 1 year of the purchase date. Long-term capital losses cannot be offset by long-term capital gains.

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