Basics of Stock Market - Beginner

What are Blue-chip stocks?

Blue chip stocks are large, financially sound companies that have been in operation for many years. These stocks have a market capitalization of billions and are often market leaders or among the top three companies in a particular sector.

Let's now learn more about blue chip shares.

Blue chip stocks are known for their ability in coping with adverse market conditions and high returns. These blue chip stocks are the most valuable and dominant in their industry. They are also enlisted as the best companies in their sector. Blue chip stocks are known for paying a steady dividend over the long-term.

A few criteria are required to make a company a blue-chip. Blue chip stocks typically provide stable returns to investors. Investors are protected against inflation, recession, or economic downturn because of this consistency. Blue chip stocks are a good choice for investors because they offer consistent annual returns over a long period of time with stable debt to equity ratios.

These companies have a steady ROE, PE, and interest coverage ratio. These stocks also offer regular dividends to shareholders, which helps them to make a regular income.

Who should invest in blue chip stocks

Blue-chip stocks not only provide security but also offer investors the opportunity to mitigate risks. We assume that blue chip stocks have diversified operations and may not experience fluctuations in stock prices, even if the company's financial performance is poor for a few months, or a whole year. However, the company will soon be able to cover any losses from one of its business functions.

Buying blue-chip stocks can help reduce your risk of losing a lot. These stocks are preferred by wealthy investors who have a history of making worthwhile investments.

Blue chip stocks can be considered a safe investment choice because they are resilient to economic downturns, and not volatile. These stocks pay a large portion of their dividends. Investors should diversify their portfolio in order to reduce the risk of the company.

Blue chip stocks typically have a long-term investment prospect that lasts 7 years or more.

What blue-chip feature makes it worth buying?

  • Strong financial position
  • Great balance sheet
  • Stable growth rate
  • The best management team

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